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Sunday, July 13, 2014

First Liebster Award

Hi everyone!
Today I want to share to you the very first award for this blog which is The Liebster Award. I was nominated by Angie from angiebeautydiaries.blogspot.com who is a beauty blogger from Bali ^^
I'm very excited since it's my very first award so thanks a bunch to ci Angie who nominated me ^^

Do you know Liebster Award? It's an award for a blog which has less than 200 followers for being acknowledged by other blogger.

The Rules ^^

Since the questions are in Indonesian, I will answer in Indonesian too ^^

1.Definisi beauty buat kamu apa sih?.
Beauty is having a good and kind heart, bukan cuma cantik, jago makeup, dsb.

2.Makeup ala jepang atau korea?
Korea! Makeup Jepang agak terlalu 'dolly' untuk aku but it doesn't hurt to try someday ^^

3.Negara mana yang paling pengen kamu kujungin?
Prancis! Awalnya sih Korea Selatan cuma karena udah pernah pergi jadi Prancis aja deh~

4.Brand makeup apa yang paling banyak kamu punya?
The Face Shop and Etude House, Tony Moly juga lumayan banyak ^^

5.Siapa yang memotivasi kamu untuk jadi beauty blogger?
My boyfie, friends, and Bubzbeauty (her real name is Lindy, kalo nga salah).

6.Berapa lama kamu akan jadi beauty blogger?
Selama yang aku sanggup :b

7.Siapa MUA fav mu?

Pony! She's just amazing!

8.Kalo makeup lebih suka pake brush,sponge,atau tangan?
Brush and sponge~ Waktu awal belajar sih tangan :b

9.Umur berapa kalian saat memulai makeup?
14 masih cuma bedak eyeliner tipis, baru bener" makeup umur 15an ^^

10.2 kata tentang dirimu!
Introvert girl.

11.Diet sehat atau diet instan?  
Tergantung kebutuhan, kalo kepepet ya mau nga mau diet instan hehe

11 Random Facts About Me:

  1. I'm the eldest daughter and eldest grandchild from both families
  2. I wasn't really interested in makeup back then, I even hate it when there's an event and I had to go with makeup on
  3. I'm an introvert girl, my classmates even said that I'm unsociable
  4. It's quite hard for me to blend in to a new environment
  5. I've straightened my hair thrice and permed once
  6. I don't know why people keep saying I looked like Suzy ._.
  7. I love reading novels and fan-fictions, I was an author once >///<
  8. I never had barbies back then when I was a child
  9. I'm about 171 cm tall and I freaking love high heels ><
  10. I'm much a fan of eyeliners and eyelashes
  11. I love Korean food way too much, except for the seafoods and the raw ones

11 Blogs That I Nominated:
  1. torichux3.blogspot.com
  2. www.keziagc.com
  3. catherine-widjaja.blogspot.com
  4. theprettytales.blogspot.com
  5. valencialala.blogspot.com
  6. beautyfoodology.blogspot.com
  7. www.kawaiifuku.net
  8. jessicaarifin.blogspot.com
  9. beautydiarykania.blogspot.com
  10. www.jeanmilka.com
  11. moonzmine.blogspot.com

11 Questions from Me:

  1. Kenapa memilih jadi beauty blogger?
  2. Makeup brand favorit?
  3. Beauty product yang saat ini paling favorit?
  4. Diet dengan mengurangi makan atau olahraga?
  5. Beauty blogger yang jadi panutan mu?
  6. Pertama belajar makeup dari mana/siapa?
  7. One word to describe you best?
  8. Kalau keluar rumah, makeup itu perlu nga sih? Kenapa?
  9. Beauty product that you can't live without? (kecuali foundation sejenisnya dan powder)
  10. Apa yang membuat kamu tertarik dengan dunia makeup?
  11. Makeup buat kamu itu apa sih?

Love, Nath 


  1. Wii congrats yaa.
    Sepertinya aku belum di follback ^^


    1. thank you ^^
      ah iyaa thank you udh diingetin ^^ following now ;)


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