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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Review: Too Faced's Chocolate Bar

Hi everyone!
Who loves chocolate? Well, I do. Today I want to share to you the most delicious palette in my makeup collection: Too Faced's Chocolate Bar. It looks like chocolate and smells like real chocolate.
Actually, this palette had been in my wishlist for so long after Jen (frmheadtotoe) reviewed this on her blog and my boyfriend has to be his sweet self and got this for me on my birthday (check my birthday haul here). And, his sister (Jean Milka) asked me for the review so finally here it is.

Product Description

Name: Chocolate Bar
Brand: Too Faced
Origin: USA
Content: 0.95 gr/0.03 Oz each shadow
2.8 gr/0.10 Oz (White Chocolate and Champagne Truffle)
Price: USD 49

P.S.: to my Indonesian readers, I'm sorry I won't display the price in IDR because I won't look for it since well, it's a present so if you're curious about the price here, please google it yourself ^^

Click the image if it's not clear enough ^^

The Chocolate Bar experience begins as soon as you open the palette and the smell of sweet chocolate envelops you. The eye shadows are pigmented with pure, antioxidant-rich cocoa powder and includes 16 matte and shimmer shades of natural browns, delicate pinks and luscious plums. Includes our signature how-to Glamour Guide with three looks to get you started. 


The Chocolate Bar Palette is packed with a card-box and a magnetized-tin with a How-To Glamour Guide, Guide Glamour pamphlet. The Glamour Guide is actually consist of three looks created by Too Faced as an inspiration to create looks with this palette (will post the detailed images below so keep scrolling!).

The outer packaging is basically a printed card-box. The name Chocolate Bar is printed with embossed effect on the front side. While on the back side, there are the details of the 16 eye shadows with the product description itself printed in English and French (I think?).

On the left side of the box, written the manufacturing details. The ingredients details are printed on the under side of the box.

The eye shadows are packed inside a magnetized-tin which looks exactly like a real chocolate bar. The magnet is quite easy to be opened so I find it quite disturbing. However, I haven't had any experience where it can be opened by itself so it's okay for me.

On the back side of the tin, there's another product description printed.

How it actually looks like. Cute, right? ^^ The mirror inside is quite big so it's really useful but what's unfortunate that there's no brush included inside. The colours of the real eye shadows are actually quite different from the one printed on the back side of the box.

Texture & Scent

Most of the shadows of this palette has that buttery texture which is easy to blend but I found Gilded Ganache and Candied Violet is a little bit chalky and hard to blend compared to the others. I read many beauty bloggers' reviews about this and most of them were unsatisfied with Candied Violet however, I found Gilded Ganache is more disappointing than Candied Violet. While Hazelnut is a little bit more powdery so it create a mess while applying.

All of the eye shadows in this palette, like what I've said above, smells like chocolate. This might be a negative point for someone who doesn't like the chocolate scent but for me, it's a positive one since it smells really delicious!

Colour & Swatch


Gilded Ganache: shimmery green with dark brown undertone, looks slightly like army green

White Chocolate: matte beige

Salted Caramel: matte dark beige, looks similar to real caramel but lighter

Marzipan: similar to Salted Caramel but with shimmer and slight gold undertone

Semi-Sweet: matte chocolate

Hazelnut: shimmery brown

Creme Brulee: shimmery yellowish-brown with gold undertone

Haute Chocolate: shimmery dark brown

Milk Chocolate: matte soft chocolate, looks exactly like real milk chocolate

Black Forest Truffle: shimmery dark violet with brown undertone and micro glitters

Triple Fudge: matte dark chocolate

Strawberry Bon Bon: matte soft pink

Candied Violet: shimmery purple with micro glitters

Amaretto: shimmery chocolate

Cherry Cordial: shimmery brown with burgundy-purplish undertone

Champagne Truffle: shimmery white with pink undertone

Gilded Ganache / White Chocolate / Milk Chocolate / Black Forest Truffle / Triple Fudge

Salted Caramel / Marzipan / Semi-Sweet / Strawberry Bon Bon / Candied Violet / Amaretto

Hazelnut / Creme Brulee / Haute Chocolate / Cherry Cordial / Champagne Truffle

Most of the eye shadows were swatched twice, except for Hazelnut and Caramel which were super pigmented, Candied Violet and Gilded Ganache were swatched more than twice. All of the eye shadows were swatched without primer. It's really pigmented actually (it's really pretty when you add eye primer or eye shadow base), except for Gilded Ganache and Candied Violet which I find quite sheer.

My Opinions

I love this eye shadow palette very much (my first high-end one). The colours are pigmented and easy to blend. Stays all day with primer and it doesn't even fade a bit (I once applied it on the morning and leave it until late evening) which I haven't really experienced with my previous eye shadows. The colour range is very pretty too. I can use it for natural look, fun look, or even dramatic smokey eye look. The unfortunate things are that it's quite pricey and it doesn't include any brush inside.

Best colour pay-offs: White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Hazelnut

Not-so-good colour pay-offs: Gilded Ganache, Candied Violet


+ Wide range of colours
+ Pigmented
+ Stays all day with primer
+ Easy to blend
+ Sturdy but cute packaging
+ Smells like chocolate!
+ Quite big build-in mirror

- Quite Pricey (but it's actually worth it)
- Some shades are chalky or too powdery
- No brush or applicator included

Ratings: 4,5/5


99% Yes!
I love everything about the palette! The scent, the colour range, the pigmentation, the texture. Then you ask, where does the 1% go? Well, the problem is the price. I'm still a high school student, you know TT

Where to Buy?

You can find this palette on Sephora Indonesia or various trusted instagram online shops ^^ 

FOTD using Chocolate Bar Palette, tutorial here ^^

Readers, what do you think? Are you tempted enough to add one of the most delicious palette to your makeup collection? Let me know by commenting below ^^

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Love, Nath 


  1. I though it just package by card but when i saw in sephora it package by "Besi" with magnet hahah lol. btw the price its pretty cheap for me, in online shop sometimes its more expenssive than sephora. Nice review ^^

    1. actually, online shop price and sephora's price is similar, I checked other blogger review and I read that this is retailed at about 600k rupiahs /I know I'm guilty/ and still expensive for me TT

  2. bagus banget makeup nyaa :)
    kmren liat palette ini d sephora, ngiler bgt ya liat palette nya ^^
    aku juga suka nntn frmheadtotoe.. !! cantik bgt ya dia...
    nice review dear :D


    1. thank you! ^^ eyebrows nya failed sbnrnya TT palette nya emg "enak" bgt :33
      Jen frmheadtotoe emg super cantikk :3

  3. Hello <3 I really love your post!
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  4. wah lucu ya packagingnya, warnanya juga bagus ^^ sayang bgt emang mahal harganya >.<

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  5. I love the fact that it really smells like chocolate <3 the neutral shades in this palette is gorgeous. I agree with you, this palette may seem pricey but then again, it's worth it.


    1. ikr! ^^ true enough, the best colour pay-offs from this palette are the neutral ones :3

  6. Wah, case nya lucu banget kayak chocolate bar! tapi mahal sekali ya ><
    And followed your blog via GFC! Do you mind to follow me back? And do you mind to follow each other on Instagram?
    please let me know about this, thank you :)


    1. mahal sih tp worth it kok ^^
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    2. Hi, just want to tell you, my GFC already worked :D Thank you ^^

  7. Natttt always prettyyyy ,warna pallette nya menggiurkan tapi harganya bikin gigit jari hehe
    Nice review sayyy

    1. cc juga always prettyyyyy :3 thankyou anw cii hehe iyaa tp worth every penny :D /ngeracunin :b

  8. penasaran wangi coklatnya... kok bisa ya :)
    nice review cantikk :)


    1. d ingredients nya ada cocoa powder jd wangi gt :3 thank you! ^^

  9. iiiih aku iri....!!! aku juga bru mau beli... cuma mendadak ada banyak makeup junkie yg tempting banget buat aku. soon deh beli ini... by the way u look gorgeous.

    mampir blog ku ya... dan aku dah follow km.

    1. jgn iri dong hihi emg lg bnyk bgt nih makeup product yg super tempting >< thank you anyway! will do ^^

  10. warna natural yah, pekejing nya bagu, sayang udah punya the balm jadi gak ngoyo pengen punya, muahahaaa

    btw, Main-Main ke Blog daku yah,
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    1. hihi iyaa :3 ada warna" yg bisa buat "main" juga tp nga sampe heboh bgt gt hehe
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  13. warna-warnanya cakep ya natural bisa buat sehari-hari juga, kemasannya unik+baunya juga kayak cokelat yaa. >,<
    nice review nat ^^

    1. iyaa :3 jd pengen beli yg semi sweet juga >< thank you! ^^

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