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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Unboxing: Kracie Hampers from Kawaii Beauty Japan

Hi everyone! ^^
A few days ago, I got a package of Kracie products from Kawaii Beauty Japan 's blogger campaign so before I give you the review of the products inside, let's "unbox" this pouch and see what's inside.

  1. Naive Green Tea Cleansing Foam [review: here]
  2. Naive Cleansing Oil [review: here]
  3. Hadabisei Facial Mask "Extra Moist" [review: here]
  4. Hadabisei Facial Mask "Elasticity" [review: here]
  5. Hadabisei Facial Mask "Brightening" [review: here]

I will review each of the products as soon as possible so stay tune! ^^ My finals are coming in a few days so maybe, I will post the review after my finals are done, do wish me luck for my finals! ^^

Kawaii Beauty Japan
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Love, Nath 


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    1. thank you! :3 honestly, I don't mind but since your blog is not written in English which I don't understand, sorry :(


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