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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

[Sponsored] Review: La Fleurte Revital Facial Masque

Hi everyone!
If you're following me on instagram, you must have known that a few weeks ago, I received a package of La Fleurte Revital Facial Masque from ci Kezia ^^ La Fleurte is one of Thailand's high end skin care brand so I'm really excited to try this. Here's what I think about this product.

Name: Revital Facial Masque
Brand:La Fleurte
Content: 15 gr
Price: THB 1290
(currently on discount: THB 990 = ± IDR 350.000 / USD 30)


An intensive boosting masque that penetrates skin every night and help restore radiance, youthfulness, and moisture. Wake up for better-looking skin.

With the latest state-of-the-art encapsulation technology in this nourishing essence, guaranteed by “Nano 50 Award”, Multisal Multilayer, also, B-White, Sand Lily Extract, Pomegranate Extract and Tranexamic Acid, whitening and radiant skin nutrients, help brightening, adjust even-toned skin and clear spot. Also, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5 and Placenta, as anti-wrinkle and anti-aging, help firming your skin. These incentive nutrients help to stimulate natural collagen under the skin that help to revive elasticity of skin. Furthermore, nutrients such as Ginseng Extract, Cucumber Extract, Pro-Vitamin B5 and Shea Butter help softening and moisturizing for smooth and healthy skin. As quick and effective solution, you will impress this satisfaction.

To use: use three to four times a week before sleeping, apply La Fleurte Revital Facial Masque on your face after cleaning and leave masque on your skin over night. Wash your face on the next morning.

La Fleurte Revital Facial Masque comes in a glass jar with a big luxurious box. The box is kinda too big somehow but I'm quite satisfied with its jar packaging even though there's no spatula included. The jar is quite small compared to the box and its travel-friendly since it's sturdy (the jar doesn't broke easily), it's somehow small, and it's light. It also has a separator between the masque and the cap so the masque won't fall onto the cap while you're traveling.

La Fleurte Revital Facial Masque has a very creamy texture. It's a little bit watery but it felt quite thick on my skin. The masque has soft-beige-colored cream which turn into transparent when applied. I quite love the scent of this masque, it's very relaxing. Actually, it has similar scent with Laneige's Water Sleeping Pack I reviewed before.

The morning after I used La Fleurte Revital Facial Masque, I felt my skin was softer and smoother, and also moisturized (I sleep in a full air-conditioned room which sometimes makes my skin dry on the morning). After 3 weeks of usage, I could see that this masque helped to reduce the redness of my acne scars but didn't help to prevent the pimples from coming back to my face (I was on my period ><). I think my skin gets a little bit brighter too.


+Travel-friendly packaging
+ Quite affordable
+ Reduce redness of acne scars
+ Brightens up the skin
+ Softer, smoother, and more moisturized skin

- Doesn't prevent pimples
- No spatula included
- Still quite hard to find in Indonesia

Ratings: 4/5



Where to Buy?

You can go to La Fleurte official website (http://www.lafleurte.com).
I'll let you guys know once it's officially available in Indonesia ^^1

Readers, what's your favorite sleeping mask? What do you think about La Fleurte Revital Facial Masque? Let me know by leaving a comment below ^^

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  1. I havent tried or heard about this product before. but lately my skin is getting very dry and dull and after reading your reviews i am thinking to order it.


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