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Friday, January 2, 2015

Holiday Beauty Haul: Clarisonic, Sephora, and Etude House

Hi everyone!
Before anything, Happy New Year! I wish you an amazing, joyful and prosperous year ahead ^^
Anyway, some of you might have known that last month, I went to Singapore and here are what I bought there. Not much though, since I spent a lot on Clarisonic >< But you know, it's really worth it ^^ Also, a week after I went to Bandung and bought some items from Etude House~ Check out the details below ^^

At first, I contemplated a lot about buying Clarisonic Mia 2 or Foreo Luna Mini but after much thoughts and after I tried both at Sephora, I chose Clarisonic since Clarisonic still cleanse better. I was actually planning to get the lavender one (you know how I love any shade of purple) but sadly, it wasn't available in Singapore. It's available in Malaysia as far as I remember though, but the price in Malaysia is higher when converted to IDR. At last, I got mine in pink and I bought it at Tangs (they were having a 10% off!) for SGD 198 (original price SGD 220).

Beside the device itself, my mom told me to get the brush heads also since it's still quite hard to find this in Indonesia (only available online). I got two sensitive brush heads for SGD 35 each + 5% tourist discount at Sephora. Actually, there was also 10% discount at Tangs but I thought it was SGD 30 each at Sephora (I don't know what was wrong with my eyes) so I went to Sephora and it turned out to be SGD 35 also but I was too tired to run back to Tangs again since I had a flight back home to catch. In the end, I got those two for SGD 66.50 after discount. I kinda regret it now, though. I should've bought it directly at Tangs ><

Two things I got from Sephora were Sephora's Daily Makeup Brush Cleanser and Sephora's Exfoliating Face Disc. I don't have any specific cleanser for my brushes so I thought I should buy this. I bought this for SGD 13 if I'm not mistaken + 5% tourist discount and the Exfoliating Face Disc for SGD 10 + 5% tourist discount. I thought I would use this Exfoliating Face Disc for daily while I would use Clarisonic on the days I use heavy makeup. I already feel the changes though, my skin feels softer and smoother.
Another thing I regret is why I didn't just buy the Beautyblender Royal (SGD 30). I know I have 3 Beautyblenders that I haven't used yet but I told you, I'm obsessed with any kind of purple shades.

Anyway, is there any of you who is going to Singapore or Malaysia or even USA or Europe or any other countries that have Sephora? Would you mind helping me getting the Beautyblender Royal? /puppyeyes Contact me through email at njs.nath@gmail.com , okay? Thanks a lot!

When I went to Bandung, Etude was holding a promotion in which you just had to add IDR 10.000 to get two of the same products. Plus, you'll get 20% discount on the first item. More than 50% discount right? ^^ I bought the Wonder Pore Freshner and the Magic Bubble Peeling at Jakarta, though. I only included one item for each product anyway ^^

I actually planned to buy Wonder Pore Freshner but the small size wasn't available so I bought this Skin Malgem toner which is suitable for sensitive skin. Later on at Jakarta, it was available so I bought it ^^v

I know I have so much cleansing foam at home but why did I buy it again? Simply, I haven't found one that really suit my skin type and I heard that cleansing foam which contains milk is the best one (and the most expensive one) so I though, why shouldn't I try it?

Actually, the body wash was what my mom bought for my little sister (I will use it too, somehow :b). I've tried the sample one and I could say that this has a nice scent. And you must've known how much I love peeling products. I tried this on the store and I thought this might be better than my current Tony Moly's Peeling Me Aloe Soothing Peeling Gel which I reviewed before, here.

Readers, do you want reviews of the products I bought? Have you ever tried Clarisonic or Foreo Luna Mini before? Let me know what do you think by leaving your comments below ^^

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Love, Nath 


  1. wahh banyaknyaa XD
    aku jg pingin clarisonic, tp harganya itu agak bikin galau =v= direview ya!

    ♡ MY BLOG ♡

    1. emg jess~ kmrn aku aja pas d sg bolak balik mau beli apa nga, utg lg ada disc hehe soon ya, aku aja syng pakenya :b

  2. aku pake clariii.. tp setelah sekian lama kok aku jadi pengen beli foreo ya. abis foreo ga perlu repot2 ganti brush hehehe


    1. iya sih awalnya jg aku mikir gt tp stlh dicoba kayaknya pake clari lbh berasa bersihnya hehe BA sephora nya jg blg kl buat residue makeup bagusan clari hehe

  3. Review peelingnya :D

    1. soon ya kl udh dicoba dan kl yg tony moly udh abis ^^

  4. Toner malgem emang baguss bgt yahh :D

    Btw main ke blog daku yh

    1. aku br mulai pake jd blm bs blg bgs apa nga nya ^^ okay ;D

  5. i want clarisonic so bad but contemplated because of the price :D you sure did a super haul!

    Pudding Monster

    1. I do too but since it was on sale, I thought why not? ^^ plus, I spent 40% of my allowance in singapore just to buy that clarisonic and I'm not regretting it now :D

  6. skg di counter etude srg ada promo yg menggiurkan ya :p
    mau reviewnya skin malgem sm magic bubble peeling dong ..
    btw already follow ur GFC #53 mind to follow back? :)



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