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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Review: Lioele Triple Solution BB Cream

Hi everyone!
A while back, I won a giveaway held by Lavie Lash and Lioele Indonesia and this BB cream was one of the prizes I received ^^ After using it for a while, here's what I think about this BB Cream.

Name: Triple Solution BB Cream
Brand: Lioele
Origin: South Korea
Content: 50 ml
Usage span: 12 months
Price: IDR 395.000


This product makes your skin moist as yoghurt and hyaluronic acid supply moisture and nutrition. It is a low-stimulating product since it doesn't contain the ingredient of organic ultraviolet screen. The index of SPF 30 and PA++ not only controls the generation of skin blemish but makes your skin bright.

To use: after using skin care products, apply adequate amount on face evenly and make it absorbed onto skin by taping softly.

Lioele Triple Solution BB Cream comes in an opaque tube with a pump dispenser. So far, pump type packaging is the best for BB Creams, foundations or other liquid to cream products and I have no complaint about it. The tube is made from soft plastic which makes it light to be carried everywhere although it has tall and slim tube (it's quite hard to fit it in my pouch).

Lioele Triple Solution BB Cream has cream texture and creamy consistency. It's not that thick but not very lightweight either. As I swatched it on my hand, I believe you could tell the difference. Just like other BB creams, Lioele Triple Solution BB Cream has lighter shade than my skin tone and it will oxidize to adjust with my skin tone. However, Lioele Triple Solution BB Cream only has one shade (as far as I know) so it might not be suitable for those who has darker skin tone.

Applied one layer on my face. I do think that Lioele Triple Solution BB Cream has a good coverage. Medium coverage, I think? I don't really need concealer anymore after using this BB cream (except for my panda eyes and sometimes, the extremely red pimples). It doesn't feel heavy on my skin, still suitable for daily but I still do feel like I'm wearing something on my face. One thing that I really love about this BB cream is that Lioele Triple Solution BB Cream gives my skin a nice glowing finish, the healthy kind of glowing skin. It lasts up to 5 hours with powder. When I went to Singapore, I used it for a whole day (I was out like from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.) and amazingly, it didn't cause any breakouts, it caused some whiteheads and blackheads though.


+ Pump tube
+ Not heavy on the skin
+ Doesn't cause breakouts
+ Medium coverage
+ Nice glowing finish

- Only one shade available

Ratings: 4/5


90% Yes!
I'd love to when my BB cream runs out but on the other hand, I want to try other BB creams too~

Where to Buy?

You can find this product at Lioele stores:
Jakarta: Mall Ciputra, PIM, Mall Artha Gading, Summarecon Mall Serpong
Surabaya: The Grand Palace, Grand City Mall
I think they also have stores at Semarang, Batam, and Medan.
You can also find it at Lioele Indonesia official website: http://www.lioeleindonesia.com

Readers, which one do you prefer, BB creams or foundations? Tell me about your favorite products in the comment box below ^^

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Love, Nath 


  1. This is my GO-TO BB cream for hot days and for the beach! Add a good pressed powder on top and it lasts soooo long! I'm glad you love it too!

    1. yeah! it has spf 30 not just 15 so it's really good for me who live in a tropical country ^^

  2. BB CREAM IS VERY NICE.. IT GOES A LONG WAY. thanks for sharing. nice blog. i am following your blog, please follow back. thanks melodyjacob1.blogspot.com

    1. thank you for stopping by and following ^^ sure ;) but I think it would be more polite if you ask me if I do mind following you back ^^

  3. BB Cream ! , kalau produk favourit aku bb cream etude house blooming fit hasilnya juga glowy mirip liole ini,. pengen bnget nyobaiin liole cuman harganya mahal bnget..
    nice review :)

    1. sayangnya aku nga cocok pake bb cream etude :( agak lengket gt berasanya hehe lioele blm ada promo" disc sih ya sejauh yg aku tau hehe

  4. Ohh aku tau BB cream ini booming banget nih, aku denger coveragenya tinggi terus oil controlnya bagus. Tp kok di km dewy yah? XD nice review

    ♡ MY BLOG ♡

    1. coverage nya emg bgs jess *v* nga perlu ribet concealer lagi (levuali buat dark circles aku yg parah) hehe kl oil control di aku sih oke meskipun dy glowing gt hehe tp kan dasarnya muka aku emg nga terlalu oily sih :b

  5. pengen banget nyoba BB bream ini, tapi takut ga cocok ama kulitku..krn aq berminyak banget...

    1. ada bbrp yg blg BB Cream ini oke jg kok buat yg oily ^^ cm krn aku oily combination jd aku nga bs blg gmn jg hehe

  6. Hi thanks banget reviewnya, kebetulan banget aku lagi galau mau beli Lioele bb cream, trus liat review kamu jadi lebih yakin pengen beli hahaha.

    btw kamu mention ada Lioele store d Summarecon Mall Serpong, kamu tau dimana exact storenya ga? aku sering kesana tpi g pernah liat

    1. glad to hear that! aku sndr blm pernah ke SMS haha aku tulis info ttg storenya berdasarkan yang dikasih pihak Lioele ^^


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