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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Event Report: Happy Skin with Bio Oil Talk Show at Second BBMeetUp

Hi everyone!
Besides the Max Factor makeup demo (event report here), BBMeetUp also held another series of events. I attended Bio Oil talk show on Sunday "Happy Skin with Bio Oil" as the last event of BBMeetUp.

The talk show started with an introduction of Bio Oil itself by Ms. Tiara Dwijayanti as the spokesperson of PT Radiant Sentral Nutrindo, the holder of Bio Oil license in Indonesia. Bio Oil was introduced in Indonesian market not too long ago, on October 2014.

The talk show was continued by Ms. Nurhayatini as the product manager from PT Radiant Sentral Nutrindo. She emphasized the importance of 'me-time' to get a happy skin. Beside that, to treat your skin well you need to know your skin type. There are 4 common skin types which are normal, dry, oily, and sensitive. And Bio Oil is suitable for all skin types.

Bio Oil is said to be a dry oil which absorb fast into the skin, leaving no greasy feelings. Bio Oil contains Calendula, Lavender, Rosemary, Chamomile. Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and PurCellin oil as its main ingredients.

Bio Oil is clinically tested and proved to be able to fade out scars and stretchmarks. Bio Oil also has several certificates and accreditation in Indonesia and worldwide.

During the talk show, the beauty bloggers and media representatives were given a chance to try out Bio Oil. I really love the rosy scent and although it was still a little bit greasy, it was quite bearable. (Complete review soon ^^)

Beauty bloggers, Ms. Reihan Putri and Ms. Wita, also gave their testimonials based on their experience in using Bio Oil. The talk show was continued with questions session.

The talk show was closed with a photo session with the bloggers ^^

Will review the Bio Oil at least two months after trying it so wait for the review, okay? ^^

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  1. Natasha,,, berarti kita ketemu ya waktu itu?
    adduuh sayang belum kenal :(
    semoga kita bisa ketemu di next event yaa ^_^

    btw aku udah follow kamu yaa cantik :*

    1. hrsnya sih iya kak hehe iya nih kmrn blm kenal :( aminn see you next time ya kak ^^
      thank you for following :D

  2. Hi Natasha, it's so nice to found your lovely blog ! And you are so lucky girl can attended such a great event like that. I'm a newbie on blog and if you condescend please assist me :) my blog : www.yohanaling.blogspot.com thank you ^^

    1. hi Yohana! thank you, I'm honored ^^ actually every beauty blogger could apply for the invitation of this event ^^ and hey, welcome to the blogging world! don't hesitate to ask me anything, I'll be glad to assist you ^^

  3. I have been using bio oil for the past 5 years and it works amazing. Now that im pregnant i have little signs of stretched marks because i started back using bio oil instead of cocoa butter.

    1. wow, good for you! sadly, bio oil didn't work that great on my scar :(


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