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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Event Report: Max Factor Makeup Demo at Second BBMeetUp

Hi everyone!
Last Saturday, I finally met fellow beauty bloggers at BBMeetUp event and there was a makeup demo by Max Factor. Yes, it was on Valentine's day and yes, I went to BBMeetUp instead of going on a date because I'm single, lol.
Actually, it was opened for public so everyone could see the demo ^^ Just like what I wrote in my previous post, here, the makeup demo would show two makeup which were Limitless Liner and New Oppulent, also the transformation.
P.S.: the decor was by KARE Indonesia, so pretty righttt :3

The makeup 'case' for the demo. So so mouth-watering, right? I want it all! ><

The demo started with an introduction of Max Factor and guess what? Max Factor had just celebrated their 100th year of being in the world's market. I didn't know that Max Factor was established that long ago :b

Before anything else, the makeup artist of Max Factor applied Max Factor Facefinity Primer (if I'm not mistaken) which is suitable for almost all skin types and gives glowing finish to the skin.

The first look was 'Limitless Liner' which focused on natural day makeup without eye shadow, only eyeliner on the eyes. This makeup focused on minimalist makeup, almost like no makeup but still gave the face radiance.

The second look is the transformation from 'Limitless Liner' to "New Oppulent' which was a night makeup, adding some bright colors eye shadow, but still glamour, brighter blush, and brighter lips.

before - Limitless Liner - New Oppulent
By the way, the model for this makeup demo was Kak Auzola from www.rainbowdorable.com ^^

Not to forget, the goodie bag I got from Max Factor ^^ Gel Shine Lacquer, Colour Elixir Gloss, Lipfinity, and Excess Intensity Eyeliner. Will review all of them soon ^^

Readers, which Max Factor product should I review first? Let me know by leaving comments below ^^

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  1. Wuaaah seruuu sayang banget aku ga bisa ikutan nih hehehe. Review color elixirnya dooong, ditunggu ya hihihi


    1. iya nih jd nga bs ketemu kak ririe :" soon kak hehe lg mau ujian akunya TT

  2. Wow awesome meetup not to mention the goodie bag :) thanks for sharing the info ^^

  3. enak banget yg di tinggal di kota besar, bs datang ke event2 kece macam gini :) . waiting review nya Excess Intensity Eyeliner ci Nath :D .


    1. haha nga gt juga kok aku sering nga bs dtg juga, jkt macet hiks on the process ya reviewnyaa hehe

  4. aaah, sayang aku nggak ikutan yg max factor ini >,<
    review eyelinernya ya ^^


    1. knp nga ikut kak? >< on the process reviewnya hehe :3


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