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Monday, February 9, 2015

[Sponsored] Review: Sugar Scrub by Sweet Candy in Chocolate

Hi everyone!
Beside regularly exfoliating my face, I also like to exfoliate the dead skin cells all over my body using body scrubs ^^ I love to try any kind of body scrubs this is the first time I actually try dry body scrub. And guess what? I love it!

Have you heard about Sugar Scrub by Sweet Candy before? Sugar Scrub by Sweet Candy is a new brand of body treatment and they use 100% natural ingredients without preservatives, artificial coloring, and artificial fragrances. Sugar Scrub by Sweet Candy is a homemade product with certified quality. Within three weeks from this product was released, they have delivered more than a hundred packages. Pretty awesome, right? Without further ado, check out the full review below ^^

Name: Sugar Scrub
Variant: Chocolate
Brand: Sweet Candy
Origin: Indonesia
Content: 200 ml
Price: IDR 50.000


Sugar Scrub by Sweet Candy is a body treatment which is made with sugar, Japanese rice, oat, olive oil, cereals, and natural organic fruits/flowers/leaves. Sugar Scrub by Sweet Candy is generally used to remove dead skin cells, brighten up your skin, nourish your skin, protect your skin from free radicals, relaxation effect, and soften your skin.

To use: take sufficient amount of Sugar Scrub by Sweet Candy, add enough water (or honey) until it has pasta-like consistency. Apply evenly onto your skin, wait it to dry and rub your skin softly and slowly. Use 2-3 times a week.

Sugar Scrub by Sweet Candy comes in a transparent jar which is very light in weight yet sturdy. The jar itself is actually pretty simple but I love how the owner came with an idea to decorate the simple jar with a flannelette and a rope. It's simple but sweet. Also, between the cap and the content, there is a separator to ensure the product won't leak.

Storage instructions: close the cap tightly, make sure there's no water droplets, store Sugar Scrub by Sweet Candy in a dry place.

P.S.: With every purchase of Sugar Scrub by Sweet Candy, you will be given a pamphlet about the product, usage and storage directions. I'm sorry I didn't include it on the photos ^^

Since it's a dry scrub, Sugar Scrub by Sweet Candy has powdery texture with some bigger particles of sugar. If you smell it directly from the jar, it really smells like real chocolate, very heavenly! But once you mix it with water and apply it to your skin, it will smell like oat. Once applied to the skin, it feels like some kind of sweet liquid is spilled to your skin. A little bit sticky but not too much that I could still handle it.
Being a dry scrub, Sugar Scrub by Sweet Candy has its own positive and negative aspects. The positive thing is that this scrub stays for a long time as long as you don't get the scrub in the jar wet. On the other hand, it's not so efficient since you have to mix the dry scrub with water first before usage.

I'm really satisfied with the result. Smooth and soft skin after usage! ^^ Sugar Scrub by Sweet Candy keeps my skin's moisture well.

Since Sugar Scrub by Sweet Candy is made with 100% natural ingredients, it can be used for face scrub and also lip scrub! On a side note, as long as you're not allergic to the ingredients, it's safe ^^

Keep my skin's moisture
Nice chocolate-oat scent
Soft and smooth skin after use
Natural scrub particles (sugar)
100% natural ingredients
All-around scrub
Cute, light, and sturdy packaging
Stays for a long time
Affordable price

Not so efficient

Ratings: 4/5

I would love to try any other variants of this body scrub (especially milk, apple, green tea, and coffee!) ^^

Sweet Candy
Instagram: @sweetcandyscrub
Line: Sugarscrub27
BBM: 75E21002
Whatsapp: +6285742888444

Readers, do you regularly scrub your body to get rid of the dead skin cells? Which type of body scrub do you like the most? Let me know by leaving your comments below ^^

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