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Friday, March 13, 2015

Event Report: Shu Uemura Indonesia's First Boutique

Hi everyone!
Do you know Shu Uemura? If you're a beauty lover, I bet you know this famous brand from Japan. Shu Uemura has long entered the Indonesian market but only recently, Shu Uemura has opened their first boutique in Indonesia and luckily, I got the invitation to the grand opening ^^

The grand opening was held on February 28th, even though as far as I know, the boutique has been opened since January (I've been eyeing the "coming soon" banner since December, though :b). The interior design of the boutique (and Shu Uemura's products as well) is inspired by the glamour night life of Tokyo, if I'm not mistaken.

The event was opened with the greetings from the MC and continued with an opening speech from Ms. Regina Widjaja as Shu Uemura Indonesia's brand manager. P.S.: look at that kawaii DJ :3

feminime/natural by Dwi - glamour by Ella - Festive by Mirtha

The main event of the day: the makeup demo by Shu Uemura MUAs, Dwi and Ella, also by The Brave Beauty Makeup Contest winner, Mirtha.

And the boutique is officially opened after the champagne toast ^^ Congratulations to Shu Uemura Indonesia and thank you for having me! ^^ If you happen to live in Jakarta and is a fan of the brand, drop a visit to their boutique at Emporium Pluit Mall Ground Floor, beside Melawai Optics Gallery and Sogo Department Store ^^

Newest collection from Shu Uemura for Spring 2015: Metallic Bouquet inspired by the "Hanabi" fireworks
Look at those pretty colors *v*

Always on my wishlist, the Lightbulb Foundation and Face Architect Foundation ><

look at those pretty lippies *v*

I've always loved Shu Lash designs :3

me - Jean - Ms. Regina Widjaja
/excuse my awkward pose haha

me - Reiny - Jean

Ci Jean was trying out Shu Uemura's Tint In Gelato

I tried out Tint In Gelato too but forgot the color code (AT02, if I'm not mistaken) ><
The color was very pretty :3

POREraser UV Under Base Mousse
Skin Purifier Cleansing Oil
Metal:Ink Liquid Eye Liner in Black and Purple

Review will be up soon! ^^

Once again, thank you for having me, Shu Uemura! ^^

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  1. dee... are you seriously that tall..??!!

    1. hahahahaha iya ciii, when you meet me you'll be surprised :b

  2. aww, seru sekali kayaknya acaranya hehehee btw kamu tinggi sekali nath XD

    1. seru ciii :3 iyaa aku ketinggian malah buat ukuran cewe asia hahaha

  3. I love Shu Uemura :) They have nice eyelashes as well as cleansing oil. I also love how we can customize our own palette <3

    I'm not sure if you've been nominated before but I'm nominating you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Check out my blog post for more info.

    Pastel Boulevard l Versatile Blogger Award

    1. yes, their eyelashes are indeed nice and I've been craving to buy at least a pair of it but the price is a little bit too high for a high school student like me TT
      thank you for the nomination! will surely post about it as soon as I could use my laptop again :D

  4. I've only ever tried the shu cleansing oils but i like their color concepts and they're esp known for their lashes which i haven't tried either.

    A Beautiful Zen

    1. I heard a lot about the shu cleansing oils but since I don't like cleansing oils, I never tried it before though I got the trial size from the goodie bag, I might like it haha yes they have very nice and pretty eyelashes designs :D

  5. Aww You're soo cutee on that kind of outfit!

    It's so lucky that you can be invited to those kind of event ^^ Hopefuly someday we can meet in a event? hahaha


    1. thank you! yes, hopefully we could meet up at other events soon :D


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