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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Review: Beauty Barn's Nourishing Lip Balm

Hi everyone!
If you know me well or if you read my blog post carefully, I don't really like greasy stuffs on my skin, lip balms included. But when I attended the second BBMeetUp, I came across this local brand, which is Beauty Barn. They use 100% natural ingredients which makes the products from this brand safe for kids. I instantly fell in love with this lip balm as soon as I used it and been using it as one of my night skin care routines. Check out the reasons why I love this lip balm on the full review below ^^

Name: Nourishing Lip Balm
Brand: Beauty Barn
Origin: Indonesia
Content: 5 gr
Usage span: 6 months
Price: IDR 50.000*

*Price for Jabodetabek area only, for more information, visit Beauty Barn website here ^^


Active Ingredients:

Avocado Oil - a treasure found in the industry. It is filled with rich nutrients that also sinks in fast meaning that once applied, lips are nourished immediately .

Shea Butter - is most commonly used to help heal and moisturize sunburned, dry, or cracking lips,it has anti-inflammatory properties, and also easily absorbed into the skin. Though it is often used to heal chapped lips, many feel that it can also help prevent dry lips, because it can create a moisture barrier.

Lavender - helps heal and nourish dry lips. It helps soothe chapped and sunburnt lips. It is an ingredient that solves all major skin problems.

Peppermint- helps heal cracked lips, and this is the reason why this oil is an active ingredient in chapsticks and lip glosses. The oil has a soothing effect, and so can be used on wind-chapped or sun-burnt lip as it will give a cooling and refreshing effect.

Sweet Almond Oil - is non-greasy, moisturizing and absorbs quickly to lips, hence rejuvenate the dead cells, also prevent chapped lips and leave them moisturized.

Repair dry and cracked lips. Apply frequently to maintain moisturized lips.

Beauty Barn Nourishing Lip Balm actually comes in two packaging, stick (5 gr) and tiny jar (10gr). Personally, I like stick lip balms better than the ones which come in a jar since it's pretty much easier and more practical to apply. I won't have to get my hand dirty or I won't need extra lip brush to apply stick lip balm. Therefore, I don't have much saying about the packaging since it fits perfectly to my liking ^^

Beauty Barn Nourishing Lip Balm has this lavender-oily (?) scent. It has a hint of lavender and somehow, kind of oil scent (almond oil, maybe?). Regarding its texture, Beauty Barn Nourishing Lip Balm has greasy texture but unlike other lip balms, it's not the uncomfortable type of greasiness (I don't know how to explain it, actually :b). All I could say is that it's really comfortable using this lip balm even though it's quite greasy. I think the "uncommon but comfortable" greasiness is caused by its natural ingredients.

Actually, the colored edition of Beauty Barn Nourishing Lip Balm is a limited edition. The ones sold online are the colorless ones. However, as you can see on the photo above, the color doesn't make much difference on my lips.
You can see that Beauty Barn Nourishing Lip Balm moisturized my lips enough. The greasiness would go off after I drank but it kept my lips' moisture well although the greasiness was gone.

Available in two types of packaging according to your preferences (stick and jar)
Moisturized my lips well
Greasy but not uncomfortable
100% natural ingredients

Only available online and at their booths at certain events

Ratings: 4,5/5

Definitely yes!
I fall in love to deep with this lip balm <3

Instagram: @beautybarnindonesia
Website: www.beautybarnindonesia.com
P.S.: you have to order from their resellers and you can check the reseller list on their website.

Readers, do you regularly use lip balm on daily basis? What's your favorite lip balm? Share your thoughts by leaving some comments below ^^

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  1. sayangnya online ya nat, biasanya kan kalo abis beli bawaannya pengen langsung nyobain :3

    1. iya nih cm online TT offline kl ada event" tertentu doang :"

  2. tersedia di dua tipe packaging? tapi lebih enak yg stick gini, ga rempong cuci tangan dulu.
    Packaging nya lucu >.<

    1. iyaa, enakan yg stick makanya aku pilih yg stick walaupun yg jar isinya lebih banyak haha

  3. Hello Natasha...
    Talk about lip balm, I also use a lip balm as a moisturizing my lips. As we know, when we are sick, sometimes our lips was peels, right. Well, I do not like this. My lips so dry and not pretty at all.

    Some lip moisturizer I've ever used is Lip Ice (by Rohto - Indonesia), Maybelline baby lips (America), and Rimmel Lip Balm (London). My repeat purchase was Lip Ice (by Rohto Indonesia). I like it because it soft and moist in my lips, and what I love, there is also a bit of color.

    In this review, I have never known the products. For Nath, it might be because it is soft really well. Fit on the label there is a picture of children, so it is made with natural ingredients that are safe for children. Waw the usage span about 6 months??? Its great. Very thrifty/save. My Lip balm only wear the longest 3-4 months then must be purchase again.

    Well, there are interesting from your article, Nath. You wear your lip balm as one of a series of night care. Oh thank you so much for giving me the idea. All this time, for treatment in the night I just use a cleanser, toners and night moisturizers. I never apply lip balm at night. oh no, I've forgot the most important parts of my face hehehe.

    Well, see you Nath... Love your article.

    (Just not principle : Why for writing " Active Ingredients", you did not make the letter same?. But do not care my asking dear hehehe)

    1. I've heard many good reviews of Maybelline Baby Lips but haven't tried it haha I've just known this brand recently too, when I attended BBMeetUp ^^
      it's actually pretty necessary to keep your lips moisturized while you sleep since during 4-8 hours of your sleep, your lips will be exposed to air-cond and of course, you won't drink while you sleep, right? haha will update my skin care routines soon anyway
      I actually copied the active ingredients part from Beauty Barn's website directly so explained the different font, right? I didn't change it since I want to "emphasize" it ^^

  4. Just found your blog, and I really like it! You're really pretty!! I'm also a 97 liner btw :D ehehehe


    1. hi! ^^ thanks a lot and thank you for visiting ;D glad to know you ^^


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