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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Event Report: With Clinique, Pretty is Easy!

Hi everyone!
A few weeks ago, to be exact on March 21st, I was invited to Seibu Premium Lounge for Clinique event with Carnellin as a beauty blogger and Aurelia as a makeup artist. As far as we know, Clinique is famous with their skincare line, for me myself, I haven't event heard much about Clinique's makeup line. But do you know? With Clinique's makeup products, pretty is easy! ^^

The event started with an introduction of Clinique's makeup product by the MC, Mr. Mario who's Clinique's PR, and Clinique's spokesperson, Ms. Genta Sari. To be pretty is very easy with Clinique makeup products, you also don't need too much time ^^

The event continued with makeup demo by Carnellin, Aurelia, and Atika from Clinique. Carnellin did night makeup, Aurelia did Korean-style makeup, while Atika did natural makeup.

Besides the makeup demo, we also got a chance to create our own face chart using Clinique's products and then dis the makeup on our own face using Clinique's products too. The best face chart and on-face makeup would got some Clinique's products. Unfortunately, I didn't win but I had fun! But I'm too embarrassed to show my face chart here so no photos :b

At the end of the event, the MC got to be makeup-ed since it was his birthday XD

selfie with the bloggers
Kak Reiny, Dewi, and Mahar

Long Last Lipstick: All Heart
Cream Shaper for Eyes #03

Thank you for having me, Clinique! ^^

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