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Friday, April 3, 2015

Review: La Rose Rouge Passion Series Shampoo and Conditioner

Hi everyone!
A lot of you have been asking about my hair care routines but before I post about that, let me share to you my thoughts on this shampoo and conditioner that I got from Perfect Beauty at BBMeetUp ^^ I've been using this for about a month now and of course, there are positive and negative sides to these two. Check out the full review below ^^

Name: Passion Series Repair Damaged Hair
Shampoo & Conditioner
Brand: La Rose Rouge
Origin: Japan
Content: 180 ml / 6.08 fl. oz.
Usage span: 12 months
Price: IDR 150.000 (Shampoo + Conditioner)



La Rose Passion Series are made with the best ingredients for your hair, it's not just water but it's deionized water, it's pure and refreshing. Plus, it contains Keratin that repairs dry, chapped, and damaged hair. Leaving a glow and smooth as silk healthy hair.

To use:
Shampoo: apply Passion Series Shampoo to wet hair and massage with flat hands from scalp to ends. Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary.
Conditioner: apply evenly to the wet or towel-dried hair . Leave in hair for a few minutes and rinse well.

La Rose Rouge Passion Series comes in a pump-bottle. Both shampoo and conditioner have similar packaging (and similar size, of course). The only difference is that the texts printed on the shampoo bottle is less bright than the conditioner bottle. You don't have to worry to purchase this online since the pump is "locked" but once you unlock it, you couldn't re-lock it again.

Both La Rose Rouge Passion Series shampoo's and conditioner's texture are just like any other shampoo and conditioner out there thus I can't say much about the texture. 
Although both has similar scent, which is floral-fruity scentLa Rose Rouge Passion Series shampoo's scent is more to floral while the conditioner is more to fruity.

One thing I could notice after using this once was that my hair was softer. However, I could not notice anything else besides my hair got less oily, even after I used up all the product. Another point of La Rose Rouge Passion Series is that I couldn't use the shampoo alone without the conditioner or my hair would get tangled. For someone else, it might not be a problem but being the lazy-bum I am, sometimes I'm just lazy to use the conditioner :b

Lovely scent
Makes my hair softer and less oily
Locked pump bottle

Couldn't use the shampoo alone
Only available online and at Perfect Beauty booths at certain events

Ratings: 4/5

I really love the scent but since I couldn't use the shampoo alone without the conditioner, I'm not really sure of repurchasing (being the lazy-bum I am)

Readers, what's your favorite shampoo and conditioner?

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  1. Halooo...
    Nice post Nath. You talk about a new series shampoo and conditioner.
    I think to treat hair is not simple. As I am, Nath. My hair is already soft though just use shampoo. But I feel more confident and feel fresh when I complete it using conditioner. If not, the second day, my hair so matted and rugged. So my advice, do not be unwilling / lazy to use hair conditioner except yours is very oily. I think conditioner is perfect for dry hair.

    And about La Rose Rouge Passion Series Shampoo and Conditioner, I never know before. But reading your post, its good review. But, I prefer to fruit than floral scent. It is more fresh and give me extra energizing. Ha ha ha, you will don't believe when I touch maybe shampoo or soap then I like smell nice the fruit scent until I feel like to eat them :-)

    1. haha yes, I will update my full hair routines in the near future ^^ not using conditioner is important for those who has dry hair, but in my case, my hair gets oily very easily so sometimes I'll be the lazy bum I am of not using the conditioner :b

  2. Oh I see. I met a lot of greasy hair will be more oily when given conditioner. But was not in the condition of your hair. Thats good.

    Yesss... It's very glad to know you will update your full hair routines next time, like I have suggest in my opinion about your blog. I think it will make your blog more complete. Thanks Nath. I'll be waiting.

    1. well, my hair is actually a bit dry but gets oily easily. yeah I know my hair is kinda weird haha many people asked about my hair routine so I thought why not haha

  3. Natasha...
    aku juga punya tapi belum aku cobain, hehehe.. tapi dari pertama cium udah suka. wanginya seger.


    1. iya kak wanginya enak :3 lmyn loh produk ini hehe cobain deh kak :b

  4. we discuss about the elements of oily hair shampoo. Now we meet you the
    best shampoo for oily hair. In market various shampoo are available for oily hair but which shampoo is best for oily hair?

    1. it actually depends on the condition of one's scalp. but I've heard that using anti-dandruff shampoo would make your scalp dryer ^^


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