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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Hair Care A-Z: Get Your Healthy Hair! (Including My Hair Care Routines)

Hi everyone!
Some of you have been asking about what products and treatments I use to get my healthy-looking hair. Honestly, my hair is not that healthy, there are still split-ends and my hair is actually quite dry but gets oily easily. Name it smoothing, rebonding, perming, coloring, bleaching, my hair has gone through them all. I had times when my hair was terribly damaged, very dry, dull, and split-ends. But over the last two years, my hair condition has got better. My tips? Read the full post below ^^

So this is the first time I tried to make video (editing was done by my little bro, though) and pardon me for my imperfect English, pronunciation, and accent. However, let me know your thoughts by leaving some comments below ^^

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  1. Hi Dear, love your hair anyway pakai shampoo apahh supaya ga lepek?

    anyway kindly to visit IG @solagraciaproject untuk shade TERLENGKAP Colour Pop


    1. thank you! ^^ pd dsrnya kan tiap kulit kepala org beda" jenisnya, kl berminyak ya gmpg lepek hehe jd mgkn bs d blg nga ada shampoo yg bs bikin nga lepek krn pd akhirnya jg pasti lepek stlh brp hari nga keramas ^^


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