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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Review: Garnier's Light Complete White Speed Multi-Action Brightening Scrub

Hi everyone!
A few weeks ago, Garnier sent me a package of their latest skin care line, Light Complete White Speed, for me to try. One of the products inside is this Brightening Scrub (check out unboxing post here).

Name: Light Complete White Speed
Multi-Action Brightening Scrub
Brand: Garnier
Origin: Indonesia
Content: 100 ml
Usage span: 12 months
Price: IDR 23.700
IDR 15.100 (50 ml)


A gentle, easy to rinse facial scrub with the power of 1000 Micro-Beads+ & Pure Lemon Extract to intensively cleanse & visibly brighten skin - 1 tone fairer in 1 wash. Suitable for everyday use.

To use: gently message on wet face (avoid eye area), lather and rinse with water.

I have nothing much to say about the packaging since it's pretty much the usual and common packaging for facial wash. Only, this wasn't sealed. Although the outer box is sealed, I still prefer the tube to be sealed also.

Garnier's Light Complete White Speed Multi-Action Brightening Scrub has not-too-thick yet not-too-light consistency. It contains small scrub particles which is very gentle on the skin thus it's okay to use this everyday.
Speaking of scent, it has fresh lemon scent that makes me feel fresh after washing my face.

cheek area

Although on me it wasn't 1 tone fairer after 1 wash, I could say that Garnier's Light Complete White Speed Multi-Action Brightening Scrub brightens up my face after 1 wash. However, during the one week I was using this product, I couldn't see any other progress. Perhaps, it's because my skin is fair enough.
This scrub is formulated for oily skin and probably that's why after wash my skin would feel very tight and sometimes dry, even though I have quite oily T-zone. These days, my skin is more to normal to dry rather than normal to oily. Therefore, I would love to use this as weekly scrubbing routines rather than daily facial wash.

Lightweight packaging
Brightens up my skin after 1 wash
Small scrub particles that is gentle on the skin
Fresh lemon scent
Easy to find
Affordable price

Suitable only for oily skin (not the combination like mine)
Feels dry on my skin
Unsealed tube

Ratings: 4/5

It feels dry on my skin. But I would love to try the brightening foam, though. 

You can find this product at several supermarkets and mini markets nearby ^^

Readers, I have tried, now it's your turn for #1WeekToShine ^^

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  1. Bener banget Nath, yang foam aja ketat banget apalagi yang ini..


    1. iya kah? aku blm nyoba yg foam hehe yg ini nga ketat bgt sih tp ya lmyn jg haha

  2. really helpful information written by you for girls.

  3. Can this be used everyday? Like 2x a day?


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