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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Hello Again, Purple!

Yes, you read it right. I dyed my hair back to purple, although some of you might have known from my Instagram posts. A day after I dyed my hair, I managed to take some outfit photos, thanks to my cousin. It was a simply and casual outfit for girls day out.

A clearer look of my hair from behind. It looks kinda pinkish under the sun but indoor, it's more purple. Nonetheless, I'm very much satisfied with the color. Now that it has been a month, the color has faded a little but still quite bright.

Speaking of my hair, I decided to go with purple again since I wasn't satisfied enough with my last purple hair which faded very quickly. I was actually torn between purple and aqua blue but in the end, I still chose my favorite color. Perhaps, I'd have blue or green hair next.
Fyi, I did my hair at salon again this time and I didn't use the usual hair dye, instead I used hair manicure which would fade after 20x washes. I bought the hair manicure product already so I will dye my hair by myself at home next time.

Anyway, I really love the flowery accent of the top I wore that day. Although it has white as the base color, it has bright flowery accent to brighten up the whole outfit.

Top | Chic Simple
Skirt | Sogo Dept. Store
Flats | Charles & Keith
Bag | Bonia

I really looked fat on this photo but this is the only photo that showed my makeup of the day. It was simple, half eyeliner with mascara for the eye makeup, soft lips, soft shading, and no blush.

Tony Moly's Expert Smoothing Primer
Etude House's Goodbye Pore Ever: Pore Primer Stick
Lioele's Triple Solution BB Cream
Tony Moly's Prestige Carat dual concealer #02: natural beige
The Face Shop's Bye Bye Dark Circle Concealer
The Body Shop's Extra Virgin Minerals Loose Powder Foundation #202: natural vanilla
3CE's Magic Touch Face Maker

Etude House's Drawing Show Brush Liner #BK801: black
Etude House's Drawing Eyebrow #1: dark brown
Etude House's Lash Perm Mascara #washable

SilkyGirl's Moisture Balm Lip Color #05: lychee

Readers, how do you like my new hair? Let me know your thoughts by leaving comments below ^^

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  1. cantik banget..coloring di salon mana say?

  2. Aduuuuuu lucu bgt rambutnya x3 aku pengen ombre sendiri nih, rekomen merek yg bagus dan terjangkau dong, nat. Udah pernah nyobain manicpanic? Menurut kamu gimana?

    1. thank you ^^ tp skrg udh nga warna gini lg hehe manic panic nga prnh coba aku, kata tmn aku manic panic yg di indo udh di campur apa gt, trs manic panic kan lmyn mahal juga hehe aku sih pake loreal nuancelle (hair manicure) itu harganya sekitar 110-140rb tp susahnya hrs beli di pasar baru ^^

  3. Kyaaaaa~ Purpleeee~ Eh tapi sekarang udah gak warna ini lagi ya? Aku telaaaat~ T^T

    Lucu banget! Aku pingin deh rambutnya digituin, tapi takut, biasalah klise, takut rusak lah, takut makin rontok lah bla bla bla XDDD


    1. rambut aku udh pendek malah skrg >< ya emg iya sih rusaknya parah bgt jd rapuh banget banget :""

    2. Wuaaah udah dipotong pendek toh XDD~ Aku malah sekarang usaha panjangin rambut XDDD

      Waduh, kamu jadi bikin aku makin takut mencoba mewarnai rambut deh XDDD;;

    3. soalnya kmrn itu patah rambutnya jd bagian yg di bleach tipis bgt gt jd mau nga mau potong deh haha ya namanya mau ngecat aneh" pasti ada resikonya sih hahaha


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