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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Review: Mask Republic's Oat Moringa Powder Mask

Skin care with natural ingredients is like the trend nowadays. Despite being the trend, it's actually very good to use natural skin care for your skin's health. I mean, what's better than natural remedies for your skin, right?

I was very happy when the representative of Mask Republic contacted me to try their mask. Surely, I didn't regret my decision. As to why I chose Moringa, which is formulated for black spots, is because my skin has been getting dull these days and I wanted to brighten my skin up. Even though it's formulated for black spots, Moringa also has this brightening effect on the skin.

Name: Oat Powder Mask
Variant: Moringa
Brand: Mask Republic
Origin: Indonesia
Content: 50 gr
Price: IDR 40.000

Ground Oatmeal, Moringa Leaf

Oat Moringa Mask helps to fade black spots. Oat Moringa Mask contains moringa leaf extract which has brightening effect thus resulting in bright skin. Soften and moisturize the skin.

To use: take 1 spoonful or sufficient amount of powder mask and mix with water until the mask is in the form of paste. Apply to your face and let it stay for 5-10 minutes. Cleanse with water.

The packaging in simply, simple. Mask Republic's Oat Moringa Powder Mask is packed in a clipped plastic and a sealed paper bag. I actually contemplated a lot on what to say about the packaging. It's efficient but not efficient at the same time. It's efficient because you don't have to take out the product with spoon or any other tools. You can simply open the clip a little bit and let the product out. However, if you're not careful enough, it's pretty risky that you could spill the product.

Having oat as its main ingredients, Mask Republic's Oat Moringa Powder Mask does really smells like real oat. I can't even smell any trace of Moringa scent but it's pretty much fine with me. 

It has this powdery texture like its name with a little hint of roughness, probably from the ground oat. Once it's mixed with water into paste-like, the roughness could be felt more. However don't get me wrong, the roughness doesn't mean it's something bad. It's the opposite, actually. The roughness of the mask could give exfoliating effect to the skin.

Although powder mask is originally inefficient, I could say that I quite love this mask. I notice that after the first use, my skin became brighter than before. I love how this mask slightly has exfoliating effect on my skin. Once dried, it felt kinda tight which I think is normal. However, it needs extra effort in cleansing the mask off.

A significant change that I could notice after using Mask Republic's Oat Moringa Powder Mask is that my skin got softer and less dark spots because of acne scars on the forehead area. Besides, I've been so busy recently that I lacked of sleep and usually, my skin would get pale but once I used this mask, my skin instantly got brighter.

Reduce dark spots
Natural ingredients
Slight exfoliating effect
Brightens up my skin

Kinda hard to find the perfect ratio of the powder mask and water

Ratings: 4/5

But I would like to try other variants.

Mask Republic
Instagram: @maskrepublic
Line: @maskrepublic
Whatsapp: +629893508157

Readers, what's your favorite natural remedies for your skin? Let me know by leaving comments below ^^

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  2. Wow it's so cool that you can mix the mask all by yourself c: It makes it much more fun c: Cool review~

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