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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Event Report: YSL #aKISStoREMEMBER

Last week, I was invited to join the YSL podium at Mall Kelapa Gading 3, to celebrate the launch of their newest collection, the Fall 2015 Collection which includes their limited edition KISS & LOVE, also the makeup demo by YSL senior makeup expert using Google Glass.

Credits: YSL websites

This Fall, YSL launched a few addition to their makeup range. Name it:
Couture Palette Fall Collection (Metal Clash)
Poudre Compact Radiance Perfection Universelle
Couture Brow (1 Brun Dore, 2 Blond Cendre)
Couture Kajal Eye Pencil (1 Noir Ardent, 2 Bleu Cobalt, 3 Bleu Petrole, 4 Vert Anglais)
Rouge Volupte Shine Fall Collection (34 Rose in Sound, 35 Fuchsia in Grunge, 36 Rouge in Rock)
Gloss Volupte Fall Collection (49 Terriblement Fuchsia, 51 Rose Lurex, 52 Violet Sequins)

Credits: YSL websites

At the same time, YSL also launched the collector edition of Rouge Pur Couture Lipsticks, Touche Eclat, and Couture Palette, namely KISS & LOVE. The Rouge Pur Couture KISS & LOVE edition actually consists of 4 shades (01 Le Rouge, 13 Le Orange, 19 Le Fuchsia, 70 Le Nu) , but unfortunately Le Nu (the nude) doesn't enter the Indonesian market.
I mean, look at those babies, aren't they cute?

Refreshments provided by YSL

Shinta Ningsih, the YSL senior makeup expert, showed how to touch-up your makeup using YSL Touche Eclat. She used the Google Glass for detailed video.

Touch-up result

Besides the Google Glass makeup demo, we, bloggers, also had the chance watch the YSL makeup demo using their latest collection, the Fall 2015 Collection, and try out some YSL products.

Final result of the makeover

On my lips: YSL Kiss and Blush #4

Readers, how do you like YSL's new collection? Let me know by leaving comments below ^^

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  1. the lipsticks color suit you really well, Nath! ^^


    xx, Esther.

    1. to me, it's too orange though :b but thank you!

  2. The event looks like so much fun!! & you look gorgeous~
    I really love the lip colours from their fall collection ^^
    Btw, I’d love to invite you to join my blog giveaway!
    xx Charmaine

    charrmyn || Join my Blog Giveaway!

    1. I specifically love the fuchsia one! :D and it's so cute with its lips prints :D thank you anw!

  3. aku masih penasaran kenapa warna le nu ga masuk indo.. padahal aku yakin warna itu yg bakal paling laku di indo. aku sendiri pengen yg le nu dari koleksi limited edition ini tp sayang bgt malah ga masuk indo :(

    vina #starclozetter

    1. aku jg nga ngerti kenapa nga masuk, denger" mslh bpom atau gmn gt sih :s tp masuk pun aku nga bakal pake karena jatohnya bakal pale bgt di aku ><


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