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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Event Report: SHINZU'I White Gathering

Instead of spending my October 31st on a halloween party, I was invited by Kawaii Beauty Japan to attend SHINZU'I White Gathering that was held on JJ Royal Brasserie, Senayan City.

In case you haven't known about SHINZU'I, SHINZU'I is a Japanese image brand which was launched on 2002 as a skin brightening soap with Herba Matsu Oil as its main ingredient. Herba Matsu Oil has been dermatologically proven to be able to brighten up your skin naturally.
Within three years, SHINZU'I has successfully be the TOP OF MIND brand in terms of whitening soap in the local market. Up till now, SHINZU'I has been the pioneer brand for whitening soap range in the domestic market.
Recently, SHINZU'I is developing skin care and body care products, such as liquid soap, facial wash, body lotion and body scrub. The most recent innovation from SHINZU'I is they're expanding their product to cosmetics range such as two way cake, day cream, and night cream.

The event was opened with the introduction of Japanese makeup by Stella Lee. Japanese makeup has 3 main styles, natural Japanese makeup, Harajuku makeup, and kawaii/gyaru makeup. Different from western style makeup, Japanese makeup emphasizes on healthy skin, thus no foundation and less BB cream. Sometimes they only use CC cream. Take a not that Japanese makeup usually uses a lot of pinkish shades.
In natural Japanese makeup, Japanese women usually draw thin eyebrow, use pink blush and minimal eye makeup, also focuses on the velvety baby-like skin finish.
On the contrary, Harajuku makeup often uses bold eyeshadows and they freely experiment with makeup that even cross-dressing is widely accepted.
While we've known all along that kawaii/gyaru makeup is famous with its big dolly eye makeup, recently it has been toned down and more westernized. Even though kawaii/gyaru's eye makeup doesn't seem to be very heavy, Japanese women actually creates smokey eyes with brown shades. The main point of kawaii/gyaru makeup is of course, the fake lashes (or eyelash extentions). Unlike Korean ulzzang makeup, Japaness kawaii/gyaru makeup mostly uses nude, pink, or red lip glosses.

Next up was Mr. Trie Wahyudi, the R&D Manager SHINZU'I who explained about the recent innovation from SHINZU'I which is the Skin Lightening Facial Wash series.
SHINZU'I Skin Lightening Facial Wash is a series of skin care products to cleanse your skin from makeup, exfoliate dead skin cells, dirt, and any other pollution which stick on your skin. SHINZU'I Skin Lightening Facial Wash has three variants to match your skin types, SHINZU'I Skin Lightening Facial Wash, SHINZU'I Skin Lightening Anti-Acne Facial Wash, and SHINZU'I Skin Lightening Exfoliating Scrub Facial Wash.

As we all know, skin is the outer layer of out body that protects our body from infections, the outer layer of skin, epidermis, is made of keratin which would be exfoliated when rubbed and automatically replaced by the inner layer. This layer contains melanin pigment which regenerates skin cells to replace the exfoliated skin.
It's an old news that most of South-East Asian women dreams of bright and fair skin. Since we all live in tropical area with blazing hot sun, the production of melanin pigment of our skin increases thus resulting in darker skin. However, not every whitening skin care is really safe for your skin. Most whitening skin care contains Hydroquinone and Mercury which could cause skin cancer after a long-term usage. If these two are absorbed under the skin to our body, it's not impossible that it would cause us liver failure, kidney failure, and etc. Besides, Hydroquinone and Mercury works by exfoliating the skin causing thinner skin and heightens the skin's sensitivity to the UV radiation.

However, worry-less in using SHINZU'I. The active ingredient of SHINZU'I Skin Lightening Facial Wash is Herba Matsu Oil. Do you know that Herba Matsu Oil is a brightening and whitening ingredients which works on the skin by producing the color-less melanin, leuko-melanin, without harming melanocyte or blocking the tyrosinase enzyme and leuko-melanin still has the ability to protect your skin from the UV rays.
Herba Matsu Oil itself is made of Tricholoma Matsutake extract which is a rare mycorrhizae fungi. Tricholoma Matsutake itself has several functions:
- Japanese uses it daily as whitening powder
- Consumed in the form of soup and other luxury delicacies during Japanese celebration
- Used as anti-aging to prevent early aging
- Used as anti-cancer herbal
- Protects the skin from UVA and UVB
- Moisturizes and nourishes the skin for fresh, healthy, and bright skin

- It's able to brighten up the skin

Another representative from SHINZU'I, Mr. Sugianto Sunario, the Executive Vice President of SHINZU'I, also revealed the future products of SHINZU'I targeted for teenage girl and young women which would be released soon.

Last but not least, blogger Stella Lee did a makeup demo of gyaru makeup, her specialty. Stella said that Japanese makeup uses a lot of pinkish shade. The eyebrow was also made straight without any arch to give off the cute puppy look.

Refreshments courtesy of JJ Royal Brasserie

Thank you for having me, SHINZU'I and Kawaii Beauty Japan!

SHINZU'I Indonesia

Kawaii Beauty Japan

Readers, are you ready to have fair skin? Karena putih itu SHINZU'I (Because fair skin is SHINZU'I) ^^
P.S.: I've been using SHINZU'I's products for a while and will be reviewing it soon. So, who is curious about the results? /raise your hands/

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  1. Wah seru banget yaaa~

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    1. hahaha tapi beneran loh lmyn mencerahkan :b /bocoran review/ XD

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  3. Wow, I like your last Picture.
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  4. ayooo segera direview shinzui nyaa.. penasaran >,<
    *efek pengen putiiiihhhh :(

    1. hihihihi soon ya reviewnya biar sekalian tiga produk di review XD

  5. Ihhhh Asik bangettt! aku tunggu reviewnya yaaaaa pretty! :) Shinzui salah satu produk yang ak suka hehehe

    1. review nya on process nih ci hehe sejauh ini aku suka bgt yg regular facial wash :D

  6. I used to use Shinzu'i back then, even decided to use all their variants hahaha, I forgot why I quit by the way. Think to use it again next time :)

    1. really? then maybe you should give it a try again! so far, I'm loving their regular facial wash for my dry-combination skin ^^


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