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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Moisturizing Matte Lipstick: 3CE's Lip Lacquer in Super Coral

Korean makeup has been gaining a lot attention over the last five year and 3CE is one of the brand that's getting popular lately. Being the sub-brand of the famous clothing brand, Style Nanda, it has not only gained popularity but also proven their quality. Although I would say that 3CE's price is a little bit higher than the usual Korean brands we found, more like to mid-high end.
Today, I would like to bring you my recent favorite lip products from 3CE that I got from Zephyr. Currently, I'm in love with 3CE's Lip Lacquer in Super Coral. Not only the color is very pretty and suit my skin tone well, I'm also in love with the formula.

Name: Lip Lacquer
Shade: Super Coral
Brand: 3 Concept Eyes
Origin: South Korea
Content: 6.4 gr
Usage span: 12  months
Price: IDR 300.000

More Product Info

Lipstick-like touch with press powdered-like cashmere lips!
With a neat and non-sticky application.

More vivid than a lipstick!
This lip product's color shines through as it is and you can express your mood through the color of your choice.

Cashmere texture that leaves soft finish!
This lip-hugging cashmere gel based texture feels creamy when being applied while leaving a soft and matte finish.

Light and natural application!
You'll have non-sticky lips with long-lasting application while having a moisturized and light feeling.

You can try various colors with this easily mixable cashmere gel texture. You can use it as a base color or point color for a natural gradational look.

credit: 3CE

I have always loved the packaging of 3CE products. It's nothing fancy yet very elegant. Without any exception, 3CE's Lip Lacquer also comes in an elegant black packaging, the usual of 3CE. However, the information printed on the box is pretty much lacking. There's almost no information on the box and no information in English at all.
The cap was sealed upon purchase so rest-assured, your product is guaranteed to be new it the sealing sticker is still attached. However, just like any other Korean products, the product information are all written in Korea. You need to search up the product if you want to know more.

I'm hooked with the applicator of 3CE's Lip Lacquer. Its flexed form helps me to apply the lip lacquer much easier. It also has slightly pointed tip to reach narrower area of the lips.

Just like any other liquid lipstick, 3CE's Lip Lacquer is very creamy. It doesn't smell and I love its color that is suitable for my skin tone. I prefer the stain color, though.

3CE's Lip Lacquer in Super Coral is actually pretty pale compared to my usual lip color selections. However, it doesn't make my entire face looks pale. One thing that you need to pay attention, you need to ensure that your lips are moisturized before using this lip lacquer or this will emphasize your chapped lips. On the contrary, it keeps the moisture well on the lips upon usage. Once applied, it will feel creamy but it will become powdery when set.

I would say that the lasting power of 3CE's Lip Lacquer is pretty standard. It stays about 4 hours without eating and will immediately go after eating. Since I said I like the stained color more, I usually blot it first using a piece of tissue, though it will shorten its lasting power.

Keep my lips' moisture
Lovely color
Easy-to-apply apllicator
Elegant packaging

Emphasize chapped lips
So-so lasting power

Ratings: 4/5

I would love to try another shades.

Zephyr Korea
Instagram: @zephyrkorea
Facebook: zephyr.co.id
Line: zephyr.co.id

Readers, have you tried 3CE Lip Lacquer? What's your favorite shade? Let me know by leaving comments below ^^

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  1. I've tried this product and have to agree with you on the fact that this emphasizes dry flakes like crazy. It also sinks into lip lines. Although the shade is pretty, it is hard to work with so it's been sitting in my drawer collecting dust :(

    Pastel Boulevard

    1. yes, it's a pity since they have pretty range of colors >< fortunately, it doesn't sink into my lip lines though ^^

  2. I tried the lip lacquer and amazed by its staying power. I think it's kind of normal for a lipstick to fade away after eating :D Love the shade that you picked!

    Oh Dear Bumblebees

    1. yes, it's normal so I wrote that the staying power is just so-so ^^ and I love this shade too :D

  3. Love your blog so much Nat! <3

    Kindly visit my blog,
    Thank you :)

  4. lucu ya nath kayanya warnanya, tapi kalau di gw pasti ngga cocok, alias terlalu pucat hahahhaa

    1. biasanya warna begini di aku juga pucet kakk haha tp ini cukup oke sih di muka aku nga pucet" amat hehe


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