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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

VioLog#1: Campus Tour, Korean Cosmetics Roadshops, Soft Tofu Stew, Gwangalli Beach


Ever since I arrived in South Korea, I have received quite an amount of requests to make a Vlog so as you requested, my very first random vlog.

You can watch the vlog on the video above and I hope you don't get bored while watching. Don't forget to hit subscribe and thumbs up for more vlogs ^^

Anyway, to my Indonesian readers, I'm going back home this summer! If you follow me on ask.fm or add me on Line@, I believe you have already known that I'm opening a pre-order for Korean stuffs, especially Korean cosmetics. If you want to know how to join the pre-order, check out the terms and conditions below.

What could be pre-ordered?
Any Korean cosmetics which I could find and Korean snacks.
www.aritaum.com (Laneige, Mamonde, Aritaum, IOPE, etc.)

How to join the pre-order?
Look up for the product you want to order on the internet and screen shot the picture (with product details, such as shade number, size, etc). Send the picture to my Line@ account. If you need the official Korean website of Korean cosmetics brands unlisted above, you can simply chat me through Line@ too.
Next, I will check the price and let you know the total price with shipping fee from Jakarta and I will buy the product once your payment is confirmed. You can transfer through BCA and don't forget to send me the proof of transaction to my Line@ account.
Pricing: KRW 1 = IDR 15

When will the pre-order be closed?
The pre-order will be closed on June 23rd, 22:00 WIB. I can also close the pre-order earlier when my baggage is full since I hand-carry all the products.

When can I receive the products?
I will arrive in Jakarta on June 27th and I will ship the products on 28th and 29th so you can receive your products in a week or two after that, depends on the courier.

Readers, do you enjoy watching my very first vlog? Let me know your thoughts by leaving comments below ^^

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  2. Aw! Ini shipping costnya hanya yang di jkt aja kah? Pokoknya harga dlm KRW di kali 15 ya? Kayanya aku mau ikutan PO mba ^^

    Ini blogku lynethbypuspa.blogspot.co.id

    1. iya betul ^^ aku hand-carry jd ongkirnya dr jakarta aja~

  3. Natasha lagi kuliah di sana ya, wah boleh dong nanti nitip - nitip PO :)

    1. iya nih hehe kl mau nitip bisa kok aku lg buka PO :D

  4. awww... kirain diriku baliknya juli... pengen nitip etude x wedding peach. tapi masih belum tau kapan launchingnya. Yuka

    1. juni akhir kakk hehe ini aku udh di indo :b kayaknya belom deh~

  5. Hello kak nath, aku mau tanya, tas yang kakak pakai itu namanya dan brand apa, keren, jadi pengen :)

    1. brand nya carlo rino, type nya aku krg tau hehe


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