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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Review: Armando Caruso 101KM Mini Kabuki Brush


Whether we want it or not, we will need a makeup brush in our makeup pouches one day. I, myself, am a type of person who needs at least one makeup brush and one blender sponge in my makeup pouch. Here's a review to a cute tiny kabuki brush that I fell in love with recently.


Name: 101KM Mini Kabuki Brush
Brand: Armando Caruso
Origin: Milan
Price: IDR 89.500 (± USD 7)
(Currently on 20% discount at Sociolla)


This mini kabuki brush could be used for powder, blush, and bronzer application. It's perfect for travelling with its super mini size.



Armando Caruso 101KM Mini Kabuki Brush has super mini size, as it claimed, and is a perfect fit for travelling. On the contrary, its mini size makes it quite hard to use, especially for wide-spread application, such as powder application. I love to use it for bronzer application, though.
Another thing that I love from Armando Caruso brushes is its soft bristles that is suitable for sensitive skin like mine. It doesn't irritated the skin and feels very soft on the skin. As for its performance, Armando Caruso 101KM Mini Kabuki Brush picks up pigmentation pretty well. It doesn't produce much "fall-outs", which is another love point to this brush.

Picks up pigmentation pretty well
Soft bristles

Way too mini

Ratings: 3/5


You can find Armando Caruso brushes at Kay Collection stores and booths inside department stores. You can also purchase it online through Sociolla, here.

Readers, how important are makeup brushes to you? What's your favorite makeup brush so far? Let me know by leaving comments below ^^

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  1. Haloo ka tasha, ini brushnya lucu dan praktis banget kaa, pas banget lg butuh yang kayak gini hihi :) makasih ka reviewnyaa, bikin pengen :")

    XOXO, Cilla

    1. wahh seneng dengernya reviewku bermanfaat ^^

  2. lucu banget sih packagingnyah kayak lipstick ya. Aku kira td lipstck 😂


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