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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Review: LAQLANC's Weightless Perfect Cover Fit BB Cream


Korean cosmetic brands are not Korean brands if they don't include BB creams on its product line-up since BB creams are the first phenomenal cosmetic product from Korea. Given, LAQLANC also release BB cream with its launching. How does this BB cream from LAQLANC differs from other brand's BB cream? Read more below!


Name: Weightless Perfect Cover Fit BB Cream
Shade: Light & Natural
Origin: South Korea
Content: 40 ml
Usage span: [expired date written on the tube]
Price: KRW 26.000


Bright and clear skin all day long without darkening.
Smooth coverage for moist and porcelain-like skin.
Air-like lightweight adhesion makes you feel like wearing nothing on your skin.


LAQLANC's Weightless Perfect Cover Fit BB Cream is packed in a travel-friendly tube packaging with tiny opening, which means, no worries on squeezing out too much product. The opening is also sealed upon purchase that guarantee its hygiene.

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LAQLANC's Weightless Perfect Cover Fit BB Cream comes in two shades, light and natural, which in my opinion, doesn't differ that much. Both shades are pretty light, typical Korean BB creams. While most of Korean BB creams has grayish shade, LAQLANC's Weightless Perfect Cover Fit BB Cream has a more natural skin-like shade. However, for me who usually uses natural shade for BB creams, the light shade fit my skin tone pretty well.


Applied onto the skin, LAQLANC's Weightless Perfect Cover Fit BB Cream is pretty lightweight, just like its name. It blends pretty easily and after blended, I can almost see no difference on both shades. The coverage, when used with LAQLANC's Zzon Zzon Molkang Puff, is quite decent. Covers up my uneven skin tone and slight redness pretty well. However, it's a quite different story when I used my other blender sponge from another brand, the coverage was just so-so.

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LAQLANC's Weightless Perfect Cover Fit BB Cream finishes off semi-matte and could last up to 6 hours without getting cakey. But if you have oily skin, you might want to set this BB cream with a layer of powder.

Semi-matte finish
Nice coverage
Not cakey
Natural skin-like shades

Doesn't work really well with other blender sponge / puff
Light shades only

Ratings: 4/5

Although I love the cushions better.

Instagram: @laqlanc_official

For Indonesian purchase - FnT Indonesia

Readers, would you like to give this BB cream a try? Which one do you like better, traditional BB creams or cushions? Share you thoughts on the comment box below! ^^
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  1. aku suka banget Bb cream seprti Laqlanc ini. Sayngnya tp kalo d blend pake beauty sponge kurang bagus ya. Tapi it's okelah gpp. Appun itu produk korea aku ttp suka ❤. Nice review kakak

    1. bukannya kurang bagus gimana sih tapi jadi kurang maksimal aja hehe lebih oke kalo pake beauty blender dari LAQLANC sendiri ^^

  2. As usual, produk korea shadenya selalu terang.. Lebih bagus kalo mereka juga sediain shade gelapnya ya hehe biar bs dipake worldwide


    1. iya bener banget tapi ya emg pada dasarnya target marketnya kan yang utama orang korea sendiri dan orang korea kan sukanya yang putih-putih gitu hahaha


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