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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Re-Review: V10 Plus Water Based Peeling Facial Mask


Getting rid of dead skin cells regularly is necessary for soft, smooth, and bright skin. There are several ways to get rid of dead skin cells and one of them is through peeling. If you're thinking of chemical peeling which is costly and has to be done by professionals only, stop right there! V10 Plus offered a peeling mask which is water-based and very gentle on the skin. Three years ago, I have reviewed and raved about this product (read here) but after those three years, will it work the same? Read more below!

Name: Water Based Peeling Facial Mask
Brand: V10 Plus
Origin: Japan (Singapore Based)
Content: 10 sachets @ 2 ml
Price: IDR 118.000

Aqua/Water, Glycerin, Acrylate/C10-30, Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Dicoccodimonium Chloride, Steartimonium Bromide, Isopropyl Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran Extract, Algae Extract, Butylene Glycol.

Active ingredients:

Rice extract: natural source of some antioxidants, which are Tokoferol, Tocotrienols, Gamma Oryzanol, Phytosterols, Polifenol, and Squalene. Resists free radicals and helps slowing down aging process.

Algae extract: absorbing minerals and sea salt, algae is believed to have natural healing characteristics which is also able to slow down the aging process. Moreover, the minerals in algae are also able to restore skin's natural moisture.


V10 Plus Water Based Peeling contains rice and algae extracts. Without rough scrub, V10 Plus Water Based Peeling is able to exfoliate dead skin cells, clean and brighten up your skin instantly.

9 Benefits of Water Based Peeling:
1. Gets rid of dead skin cells
2. Prevents acne
3. Helps the regeneration of skin cells
4. Makes your makeup lasts longer and looks more natural
5. Enhances the absorption of skin care's nutrients to the skin
6. Helps reducing blackheads
7. Brightens and softens the skin
8. Reduces blemishes (acne scars)
9. Balances the secretion of sebum on the skin

To use:
1. Cleanse your face and dry
2. Apply the peeling gel evenly onto the entire face and let it sit for 5 seconds
3. Massage your face softly in circular motion using your fingers
4. Dead skin cells will appear in the form of soft fibers
5. Rinse your face with lukewarm water and wipe with wet towel


The only thing that changed from V10 Plus Water Based Peeling Facial Mask is the packaging, it's half in size compared to the previous one and more compact. There is no change in the formula, though. It's still sold in a package of 10 sachets, 2ml each. I really love how they sell this in sachets because it's very convenient to take this during vacations without having to worry of leakage. It's also more hygienic compared to bottled pacakging.

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V10 Plus Water Based Peeling Facial Mask has a form of clear gel which turns into liquid/water upon contact with the skin. It's very watery and is very gentle on the skin. However, it smells kinda like medicine but not as bad as the Serums series.
I used up about six sachets of V10 Plus Water Based Peeling Facial Mask in two weeks. Upon first use, I only noticed that my skin was very soft and smooth like baby skin. My skin was also a little bit brighter. That was all. But after two weeks, I noticed that my blackheads were softer and fairly easier to extract. The acne I got before disappeared pretty quick but I did got some other acne, perhaps due to "the time of the month".
Overall, I still love this V10 Plus Water Based Peeling Facial Mask very much. Well, who doesn't love soft and smooth baby skin, right?

Packed in sachets = very travel-friendly
Soft and smooth baby skin
Blackheads are easier to extract
Very gentle on the skin
Brightens the skin

Smells like medicine

Ratings: 4/5


V10 Plus Indonesia
Twitter: @v10plusina
Instagram: @v10plus_indonesia
Line: v10plus_indonesia
BBM: 527BE98F6
Whatsapp: +6281286967999

Readers, this peeling gel is quite popular yet have you tried it before? If you do, let me know your experience. If you haven't tried it before, give it a try! ^^

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  1. lucu ya skincarenya size kecil kecil begini, jadi pas dipake kalo ga cocok ga sayang buang sebotol :D wkwk


    1. iyaa jadi lebih praktis buat dibawa travelling dan lebih higenis juga hehe

  2. V10 Plus Water Based Peeling Facial Mask seems to be the good one and I think will have a great result too on our skin. Looking forward to try this formula


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