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Sunday, September 9, 2018

Review: Banila Co's V-V Bouncing Cushion


Cushions are like the must-haves in Korean brands. Almost every Korean makeup brand that I know has cushions in their product line-up, be it the sponge cushion or the 'press' cushion like Banila Co's V-V Bouncing Cushion that I'm gonna talk about today.

Name: V-V Bouncing Cushion
Shade: BP15 (Beige Pink 15)
Brand: Banila Co
Origin: South Korea
Content: 15 gr + refill included 15 gr
Usage span: expiration date printed
Price: KRW 38.000


Lifting effect that smoothens and three-dimesionally fills the V-V complex's unbalanced skin.

V-V Complex
'V' refers to Lifting (V) and volume sense (V), giving your skin volume and heart-line (V-line) while keeping your skin tender and full of elasticity.
Provides skin with vitality and moisture to keep the skin moisturized and helps regenerate skin.
V-V Complex + Collagen
Synergistic effect of V-V complex and collagen creates elastic skin and heart-line (V-line).

01. 30% Collagen Water Base
With collagen water base, finish with smooth skin, sharp chin, and cheek full of elasticity!
02. Gets Smoother and More Moist Even With Multiple Touch-Ups
Naturally covers skin imperfections and give the skin natural glow for a glowing skin finish.
03. Tangle Tangle Elasticity
Helps strengthen the skin barrier and gives moist and smooth skin finish without dryness.


At first glance, Banila Co's V-V Bouncing Cushion looks pretty much the same with other cushion in terms of packaging. It comes with an extra refill inside and a new cushion puff to change with.


The 'cushion container' is sealed upon purchase. Instead of using a kind of sponge, Banila Co's V-V Bouncing Cushion comes in a kind of container completed with a kind of cover.


To use, you can simply press the cover and the product will come out. Be careful not to press too hard or you'll get too much product to use. Basically, pretty much the same with the regular cushion sponge but I think this kind of packaging could hold more product inside.



The puff is not that different, either. It has soft surface and it absorbs moderate amount of product. It's easy to use and blends quite fast. However, I kinda feel like it blends faster when you drag the puff instead of tapping it unto the skin in rapid motion. Or perhaps, it's just me.


If you read my previous review on Banila Co's Prime Primer Fitting Foundation, I got this Banila Co's V-V Bouncing Cushion in the same shade, BP15. However, it's lighter in texture and blends far easier. Perhaps, because it's a cushion, Banila Co formulated this one with a much lighter texture.


Although Banila Co's V-V Bouncing Cushion in shade BP15 is still a little bit lighter than my skin tone, it blends a lot more into my skin tone compared to the foundation. It finishes off not matte and not that dewy either, but I will say it's more to the dewy side because I still have to set it with powder. Otherwise, it still feels quite sticky on my skin.
Banila Co's V-V Bouncing Cushion has a light to medium coverage that is build-able. Though, you have to be careful when layering up the cushion because it would get too white if it's too thick.


Wore this cushion for 10 hours straight without touch up and you can see that the cushion was gone on the top of my forehead area and my nose area. It was barely there on my cheeks and on my chin. However, it didn't wear off in the ugly way, it didn't get cakey nor cracked. It doesn't oxidize that much either and of course, it didn't dry out my already dry skin.

Long-lasting enough
Build-able covergae
Not-too-dewy finish
Keep the moisture on my skin
Wears off nicely

Still feels somehow sticky on my skin
Limited shade choices

Ratings: 4/5

There's too much cushions that I haven't tried yet! ><

I don't think they're available overseas yet, you can check your local online shops.

Readers, do you prefer this type of cushion or the usual sponge-type cushion or other types of cushion? Let me know what you think in the comment box below! ^^

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  1. Barusan kemaren liat temen unboxing produk ini di IG, eh bisa baca reviewnya di sini hehehe.
    tapi saya setuju, mending nyobain cushion lain aja dulu, biar tau mana yang lebih bagus :) #kbbvmember

  2. Kalo banila sih produk2nya ampir ga pernah mengecewakan. Btw aku kalo.pake cushion suka males ama puff bawaan. Susah diblendnya...


    1. yg ini mnrt aku ckp enak sih ngeblend nya tp krn produknya ngumpul di tengah jd ya gitu dehh hehehe

  3. wahh aku baru tau ada cushion ini, kemasannya juga beda sama cuhsion korea pada umumnya yaa lucuu ku sukaa #kbbvmember

  4. Banila bagus sih ya, aku jarang lihat yg ngumpul ditengah gini. Tp pernah cobain merek lain, gampang diambilnya.

  5. Aku kan kulitnya kering gitu ya. Will you recommend this for my skin type?

  6. Aku suka banget sama packaging minimalis begini �� Tapi sayang ya, pilihan shadenya masih terbatas #kbbvmember

  7. Im not a fan of cushion..karena selain suka kebanyakan pas ambil produk juga jatohnya jd boros (krn kayaknya isinya dikit) cm kl banila kaya gini, harusnya bisa lbh terkontrol ambil produknya Ya ga sih? #kbbvmember

    1. iya lbh kekontrol cm kdg suka sebel dapetnya dikit 😅

  8. shade cushion nya selalu sedikit ya jadi sering salah warna #kbbvmember

  9. Dari dl penasaran sama cushionnya Banila, pengen beli tp shade cushion korea selalu terlalu terang di aku huhuhuu #kbbvmember

  10. Wah bagus nih kayaknya, makasih infonya #kbbvmember

  11. Uchh klo di wajahku cocok gak ya dipakein cushion �� btw, nice review eonnie cantikkk


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