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About Me

Name: Natasha Juniar Suhalim
Nickname: Nath
DOB: Jakarta, June 10th 1997
Current Location: Busan, South Korea
Skin Tone: NC20-25
Skin Type: Sensitive (normal but oily and flaky on the nose area)
Original Hair Color: Dark Brown
Hair Type: Damaged, Straight

Hi everyone!
As mentioned in my profile, my name is Natasha and you can call me Nath for short. I'm currently a university student, and a timid one. Maybe you would ask how would I know so much about makeup? Well, I don't. Basically, I know some tips and tricks but I don't know much like the pros out there. I'm just here to help those of you who wants to learn about makeup from the basics, the simple and natural-looking ones.
A little throwback. I've been interested in beauty since I was in eighth grade, yeah secondary school. Unlike other girls out there who learnt makeup from their moms, I learnt makeup from my close friend (my mom was a little bit boyish when she was a teenager, so you could guess why). I learnt to do my own makeup from only face powder, then the messy upper eyeliner, until now I can do a full makeup ;) So, to you all, it's okay to fail your makeup several times, by the time, you'll be able to do a perfect makeup. Just keep trying, do a lot of practices and don't give up.
Back in my secondary days, I've done makeups for my friends. For a school fashion show competition, for a musical drama performance, for a haunted house event -makeuping the ghosts-, and for the senior's promenade. Those were all simple makeups though, except for the haunted house. For some of it, I also did the hairdo, the simple ones. During my high school days, so far I've just done makeups for the student's art parade called PARSESA and for my friend who participated story telling contest.
So well, that's quite a lot about me. I hope you all do support my blog. Let me hear your comments  ^^

Got any questions? Simply head to my ask.fm account (here) and feel free to ask me anything, anonymously or not ^^

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