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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

7 Ways to Wear Your Eyeliner

There are so many ways to wear your eyeliner, as you can see on the picture above :b Well, here's seven eyeliner styles of my favorite and these are what I usually use for my daily makeup (minus school days of course).
Anyway, bubzbeauty's video of '8 ways to wear eyeliner' inspired me to do my own version of it. Check out her awesome video here if you haven't ^^

Here's a funny pic I found on the internet lol
Since I have mono-lidded eyes, I can't make my eyeliner too thick or it won't look good in my eyes. But, if you have double-lidded eyes, don't be afraid to try various styles of eyeliner and find your own favorite style. Do note that in all of the photos below, I didn't use any other makeup except for the eyeliner ^^

The first one is my least favorite, but still one of my favorite: the smudged and thick eyeliner.

This style might looks messy but trust me, this is the only thing you could do if you need a quick one-minute-makeup or simply if you're lazy to do complete eye makeup. Simple yet give some brightness to your eyes. I smudged my grey gel liner quite thick and over it, I apply my  liquid brush liner thinly on my upper lashline. The grey gel liner will look like eye shadow so it'll look like I'm doing some effort in doing my quick makeup ;)

The second one is the cat eye.

I know how famous this eyeliner style. But well, I try to make this on my own and here it is. Not too thick but quite thick for me, the 'not-so-bold' cat eye. I actually loved this eyeliner style very much on my old days back then when I only knew how to apply powder and eyeliner for my makeup. Anyway, I used brown liquid liner for this style since black is too bold for me. But in some special occasions, I don't mind using black ;b

The third one is the eye line. (I don't know what it's actually called :b)

This eyeliner style looks quite bold to me but simple at the same time. It emphasizes my eye shape and it looks good alone without any eye shadows. And I love this style when combined with twinkle liner on the tear duct like the photo below. Looks cute somehow.

The fourth one is the dropped flick.

I don't know why but somehow, this eyeliner style made my eyes looked kinda dull? But I include this style in my favorites because this eyeliner style will look good when combined with eye shadows and twinkle liner on the lower lashline. With this eyeliner style, the spotlight of my eyes will be on my eye shadow. So well, I don't recommend you to simply use this eyeliner style without any other eye makeups.
To create this style, simply draw a thin line on your upper lashline and drag it lower, below the lower lashline. I'm using my liquid brush liner in black, anyway.

The fifth one is the cute puppy eyes, inspired by bubzbeauty.
Creating this puppy look is quite simple. First, you just have to create the dropped flick style and apply black  (or brown) gel/pencil liner -I'm using pencil- on the outer lower lashline. Smudge it thoroughly and add a simple touch of twinkle liner for cuter looks.
As simple as this style might be, it still looks good alone without any eye shadows. But if you do want to apply eye shadows, I recommend you to use natural colors.

The sixth one is the winged.

This is one of the three of my most favorite eyeliner styles. Quite mainstream, I know. But well, winged eyeliner looks good in almost any occasion. No more words needed to be said, right?
Winged eyeliner slightly looks similar as cat eye. But, cat eye is thicker and looked bolder. Cat eye looks fine without any eye shadows but winged eyeliner and eye shadows are just like best buddies.

The last but not least, the seventh one is the bold winged. I actually don't know what the real name of this eyeliner style /bricked

This style is also one of the three of my most favorite eyeliner styles. This style gives you a quite fierce look but not too sexy and sultry. Simply create the winged eyeliner and add some touch of black eyeliner on your lower lashline from the outer to the middle. I recommend pencil liner for the lower lashline for easier application. Anyway, to create bolder and sexier look, just drag the line on your lower lashline until your tear duct.

Tips and Tricks

1. Tilt your head up a little for easier eyeliner application
2. I don't recommend you to use liquid liners with stiff applicators/brushes
3. Have a cotton bud beside you in case you missed a line ;)
4. For beginners, brush liquid liners are easier to use since it dries faster

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Readers, what's your favorite eyeliner style? Is it included above? Let me know by commenting down below ^^ Do follow me if you like my posts ;)
Have a nice day, girls :3

Love, Nath 


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