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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Makeup Tutorial: Simple Party Look

Going to sweet17th parties is like weekly routine for someone my age. As a girl, you wouldn't go to parties simply with your face only covered by powder, right? Have you ever wanted to look fabulous to go to your friend's party but in the same time, you don't want to steal your friend's 'spotlight'?  That's what I thought at first too and well, I got to create this makeup look. Simply fabulous but still quite 'natural' for parties somehow.

As usual, apply your skin care first then your makeup base and BB cream (or foundation). For the makeup bases products I use, check it out here. I usually apply concealer directly after applying my daily skin care but this time, I use Tony Moly's Expert Smoothing Primer. This primer does really give my skin a smooth finish.
Tony Moly's Expert Smooting Primer
After using primer, I apply my usual routines (concealer-BB cream-compact powder). But the difference this time is I mixed my BB cream with my liquid highlighter with a ration of 4:1 for a more glowing finish.

For the eyes, firstly prime your eyelid with eye shadow base or eye primer or you could use makeup pencil in white shade (e.g. NYX jumbo eye pencil in milky white) for a prominent and long-lasting eye shadow colors. I use Etude House's Orgel Light eye shadow base as my eye base. This eye shadow base has shimmery texture so it gave my eyes more dramatic effects. I'm not suggesting you to use this too much for your daily makeup. Your eyes will get too glittery. Anyway, I'm looking for another eye primer/base product.

eye shadow colors I used
Second, apply shimmery black eye shadow on the outer V until the center of the lid..

Third, apply shimmery light grey eye shadow on the lid and blend it well with the black eye shadow.
sorry for the blurred photo ><
Fourth, apply matte white eye shadow on the inner corner and tear duct, then blend it through the lid and outer V to get lighter shade.

Fifth, apply eyeliner on the upper lashline thinly. I use brush eyeliner to get the thinnest line. Draw the line downwards, do not create winged-eyeliner.
Tips: I know how hard it is to balance the left and right eyeliner sometimes so have a cotton bud by your side in case one of your eyeliner needs some fixing.

Sixth, apply purple/violet on the outer lower lashline to add colors to your monochrome eyes. From the middle to the inner lower lashline (water line), apply pink glittery eyeliner (alternative: gold, white, silver). I use pencil eyeliner for easier application.

Seventh, curl up the eyelashes using eyelash curler before applying mascara and after applying mascara for better finish.

Apply blush on the cheeks below the cheekbones and drag it trough the direction of the ears (the thin violet line) to get slimmer look. I used orange blush since I don't really like pink blushes. I don't like my too-pink-cheeks. The blush I used wasn't that noticeable too, though. I just want to add color to my complexion which tends to be pale.
Sorry for looking chubby ><
For the lips, I applied pink lip tint throughout my lips. Why lip tint? Because so far, only lip tint could moisturize my lips. I have overly sensitive lips /sigh/. My lips get chapped every time I use lipstick. I haven't found one lipstick that I could really use though.

On the inner lips, apply red lip tint for ombre look.

Finish off your makeup with finishing powder and you're done! ^^

The Products

The Face Shop's Face It Highlighter Beam

Etude House's Orgel Light

Etude House's Limited Edition Aloha Eyeshadow Palette
This palette comes in 48 tropical colors and so useful in creating various kind of eye makeups <3 

Etude House's Drawing Show Brush Liner in shade BK801: black

The Face Shop's Face It Styling Twinkle Dual Liner
(I used the pencil one instead the liquid one)

Oriflame's Giordani White Gold Mascara

Etude House's Lovely Cookie Blusher in shade #4: carrot cheesecake

Etude House's Fresh Cherry Tint in shade:
RD301: red
PK002: hot pink

Skin Food's Black Bean Eye Line Pencil in shade #4: violet

And last but not least, the final look (excuse my narcissism)

The only photo I took without flash, see the difference? The flash made my skin tone lighter than it should be.
P.S.: I'm sorry for the different lighting of each photos, I don't know what's wrong with the lighting inside my bedroom that my camera always ask to use flash -_-

Readers, what do you think about this look as my first makeup tutorial? I'm still a beginner so I do welcome all of your advises and critics. ^^
Perhaps, do you have any recommendation of eye primer/base, waterproof mascara, and lipsticks for sensitive lips? Leave your thoughts by commenting below ^^
Follow me if you find this tutorial useful ;) Have a nice day, girls <3

Love, Nath 

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