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Monday, May 26, 2014

Makeup Tutorial: Bold Red

A few weeks ago, I was invited to one of my best friend's sweet seventeenth party themed 'Vampire Blood'. Thus, explain this kind of look enough? ^^
Anyway, I just had the chance to post up this tutorial after weeks since school is really eating me up and finals are coming up really soon /wishmeluck

As usual, apply daily skin care routines, primer, concealer, and makeup base (to see what products I used daily, click here). To add some glow, I did apply highlighter to my T-zone, cheekbones, over the lips, and chin but not too much and blend it thoroughly. I recommend those who have oily skin to skip this step.

I don't know why I looked so chubby here TT

Contouring/shading is optional, you can contour your face after applying highlighter directly or after applying your compact powder.

Since the main point of this makeup is the red lips, I don't want to bring too much attention to my eyes. Even so, I want to make my eyes look bold enough.
Anyway, I've shaved my eyebrows this time but I won't show you how I do my eyebrows since I'm still a messy beginner ._.v

First, as usual, apply eye shadow base or eye primer for long-lasting eye shadow and for the colors to pop out more.

no 1: dark coral (upper), dark indian red (lower)
no 2: orange (upper), indian red (lower)
no 3: light orange (upper),  light pink-salmon (lower)
no 4: white with orange undertone
no 5: white with pink undertone

Second, mix both no.1 eye shadow colors and apply it on the outer V.
the color wasn't too noticeable though

Third, mix both no.2 eye shadow colors and apply it on the middle of the eyelid.

Fourth, mix both no.3 eye shadow colors and apply it on the inner corner.
a little bit blurry, sorry ><

Fifth, using no.4 eye shadow color, blend all of the eye shadows from inner corner outwards.

Sixth, apply no.5 eye shadow color on the tear duct.

Seventh, apply winged eyeliner. Do it a little bit thicker, not too thin.

Eighth, apply black eyeliner on the lower lashline from the outer lashline to the middle of the lashline.

Ninth, on the inner lashline, apply pink glittery liner (alternatives: gold glittery, silver, white, tear drop liner).

Tenth, curl up the upper lashes and apply mascara. Put on winged fake lashes (or any kind of fake lashes you prefer) for more dramatic and bold look.

And the eye makeup is done! ^^ Looks bold enough?

Moving to the cheeks, I apply my orange blush as usual from below the cheekbones to the direction of the ears (see the detailed photo on my first tutorial here).

The highlight of the day, the red lips. Apply red lip tint (or lip gloss or lipstick which one you prefer) to the lips entirely. If you do have nude lipstick or lip concealer, I really suggest you to apply that first ^^

Finish off with finishing powder and you're done!

Tips and Tricks

1. Use brush (pen) liquid liners to draw the line on your upper lashline for easier application.
2. Use pencil or gel liner for your lower lashline, trust me it's a lot more comfortable the liquid liners.
3. Fake lashes is quite essential for this look so I recommend you to use one, especially if you have short lashes.
4. Stay away from pale/natural lip colors, it won't suit this look.
5. Don't put too much colors on your eyes.
6. Add a little more glow to your face, it will suit this look better.

The Products

My usual routines:
1. Tony Moly's Expert Smoothing Primer
2. The Face Shop's Lovely ME:EX Stick Concealer in shade NB23: natural beige
3. The Face Shop's Magic Cover BB Cream in shade 02: natural beige
4. The Body Shop's pressed face powder in shade #03
5. Skin Food's Peach Sake Silky Finish Powder

6. Etude House's Drawing Show Brush Liner in shade BK801: black
7. Oriflame's Giordani White Gold Mascara
8. The Face Shop's Face It Styling Twinkle Dual Liner
9. Revlon's Eyebrow Pencil in shade #02: dark brown
10. Etude House's Fresh Cherry Tint in shade RD301: red
11. Sho-Bi Playgirl fake lashes in Play Chic #2
12. Etude House's Orgel Light Eye Base
13. Etude House's Lovely Cookie Blusher in shade #4: carrot cheesecake
14. The Face Shop's Face It High Lighter Beam

Because this just can't fit the above pic:
15. Etude House's Summer Limited Edition Aloha Eye Shadow Palette

Revlon's Eyebrow Pencil in shade #2: dark brown
Closer look since I haven't used this in any of my previous tutorials

Final Look

P.S.: sorry for the different lighting from each photo and excuse my narcissism :b

Readers, what do you think about this look? Is it bold enough? Leave me some comments down below ^^ Don't forget to also follow this blog by clicking 'join this site' on the left sidebar and through bloglovin (link on the left sidebar too)!

Anyway, this will be my last post before my finals (it starts on friday, fyi). I will be back after a week or maybe two with another new tutorial ;) I have one in mind, btw. Well, wish me luck on my finals and have a lovely week ahead, ladies! (not a stressful one like mine, I hope ^^)

Love, Nath 


  1. cc tutorial curly nya dongg , penasaran hihi
    kalo cc pake softlens pasti bakalan tambah cantik :D

    btw followed your blog cc . mind for followback ? :D

    1. aku curly d salon nih waktu itu hehe minta curly keluar aja blgnya ;)
      iya nih lg bljr pake softlens :3
      ohya jgn panggil aku cici, aku br 17 hehe ;b

      followed back ya, blog km unyu banget :3

  2. the final looks so pretty!
    and your eyeliner application is so neat, wish i can do that :p haha


    1. thank you! ^^
      practice makes perfect ;)) I've been playing with eyeliners since I was in junior high :b
      try using pen eyeliners to apply neat eyeliner ^^

  3. look beautifull dear, nice red bold :)


  4. nice final look ^^ aku bs membayangkan pasti susah bikin tutorial dgn DSLR ya? *__* haha..kan berat banget.. keep blogging :)

    Don't forget to join our Etude House & Holika Holika Goodies Giveaway ^__^

    1. thanks! ^^ aku pake tripod jd nga berat ;) tp emg susah sih untuk fokus dll nya hehe
      thanks for the encouragement! :3 will surely check out the giveaway ^^

  5. kereenn XD malah kliatan sweet make up nya ,g terlalu bold klo menurut q, pengen nyoba :3
    followed ur blog, followback yah XD


    1. thankyouuuuu ;D mungkin krn eyeshadow nya terlalu soft kali ya? hehe

      followed back ya ;3

  6. hi salam kenal yaa

    postnya helpfull bgtt
    boleh tau ga beli bulu matanya dimana ? makasih ya cantik ^^

    1. thank you! seneng bgt denger kl post ini helpful ^^ bulu matanya beli di sogo waktu itu tp di metro, keris gallery, sm kay collection jg ada ^^

  7. red looks perfect on you nat ><


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