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Monday, May 12, 2014

Makeup Tutorial: Natural Smokey Eyes Featuring Natural Glow

Natural makeups are something that every girl could wear on a daily basis. Like what people says, it's best for a girl to look natural but it takes makeup to look natural :b So well, as a basic makeup, I'm here to share one of my favorite makeup look or what I should say as one I'm good at (my own opinion ;b).

 As usual, apply daily skin care, primer, concealer, and makeup base (BB cream, CC cream, foundation or etc.). For me myself, I use BB cream. Set your makeup base with face powder (you can see what products I used on my previous post here and the primer I used here). To achieve more flawless result, I suggest you to apply concealer before your makeup base and after your face powder then blend it with concealer brush.

I blend my BB cream with liquid highlighter with a ratio of 3:1 for a natural glowing look and for a more noticeable glow, I applied liquid highlighter throughout the T-zone, cheekbones, above the lips, and on the chin then blend it thoroughly. But, if you have oily skin, I recommend you to use liquid illuminator/luminizer instead of highlighter and blend it with your BB/CC cream or foundation.Or, another alternative, you can skip this step entirely. Just use your BB/CC cream or foundation (I recommend BB/CC cream for more natural looks).

that chubby, I know ><

Optional: contour your face with one or two shade darker of makeup base/powder but don't do it too much since it will get unnatural.

Now, let's get to the eyes.
First, as usual, apply eye shadow base or eye primer for long-lasting eye shadows.

no 1: dark brown
no 2: lighter brown
no 3: light brown
no 4: cream (nude)

Second, apply no.1 eye shadow, either shimmery or matte -your choice-, on the outer V. Actually, I used a little bit shimmery, but not too shimmery dark brown shadow.

Third, apply no.2 eye shadow on the middle of the lid. Like the dark brown shadow, you can use either shimmery or matter but I used a little bit shimmery eye shadow.

Fourth, apply no.3 eye shadow (one shade darker than nude) on the inner corner.

Fifth, apply no.4 eye shadow on the tear duct and on the inner corner then blend it outwards.

Sixth, apply winged eyeliner thinly. Since it's natural look, you wouldn't want to create thick lines for it will give more dramatic effects, way far from natural.

Seventh, apply silver/white/twinkle liner throughout the lower lashline. Don't use the liquid one since it will give too much glittery effects. I used the pencil one.

Eighth, curl the lashes and apply mascara. I didn't use fake lashes since it's a little bit unnatural but it's optional. If you want to apply fake lashes, go ahead, but don't use the thick ones that will give you unnatural look.

Optional: fill in your brow with eyebrow pencils and apply it only lightly. I didn't fill in my eyebrows anyway.
And you're done for the eyes! ^^

The next step is, apply blush on your cheeks. I used orange colored blush on since pink will pop out too much. I recommend you to use either orange, coral, or peach blush. Apply the blush under the cheekbones to the direction of the ears (see the photo with details on my previous tutorial here).

Last but not least, apply orange lip tint (lipstick or lip gloss, which one you prefer) to the entire lips. Avoid bright pink or red lipstick.

Finish off your makeup with finishing powder.

Tips and Tricks

1. Use brush (pen) liquid liner or gel liner for thin eyeliner
2. Don't use colors that pop out too much (e.g. pink, red)
3. Fake lashes are totally optional but if you want to use one, use the most natural looking lashes

The Products

Well, this time, I won't post the detailed products I've used on my previous tutorial. If you haven't check it out, read here.
sorry, bad quality :(
andddd, forgot to include my primer .-.
1. Tony Moly's Expert Smoothing Primer (forgotten to include it on the pic)
2. The Face Shop's Face It Magic Cover BB Cream in shade #02: natural beige
3. The Face Shop's Lovely ME:EX Stick Concealer in shade NB23: natural beige
4. The Body Shop's Pressed Face Powder in shade #03
5. Skin Food's Peach Sake Silky Finish Powder
6. The Face Shop's Face It High Lighter Beam
7. Etude House's Orgel Light Eye Base
8. Etude House's Drawing Show Brush Liner in shade BK801: black
9. The Face Shop's Face It Styling Twinkle Dual Liner
10. Etude House's Summer Limited Edition Aloha Eye Shadow Palette
11. Oriflame's Giordani White Gold Mascara
12. Etude House's Lovely Cookie Blusher in shade #4: carrot cheesecake
13. Etude House's Fresh Cherry Tint in shade OR201: peach

a detailed photo of my lip tint since I didn't use it on my previous tutorial
Etude House's Fresh Cherry Tint in shade OR201: peach

If you have noticed, I mainly used the same products from my previous tutorial. Why? Simply because my mom always scold me not to open my new beauty products if the old one hasn't run out /lol. Especially liquid beauty products like mascara and liquid liner. She said it would be a waste of money since the products will get dried easily. So well, you guess why ;) Actually I have a bunch of brand-new makeup products that I haven't used and tried yet so maybe wait for it? ^^

And, last but not least, the final look ^^ (as usual, pardon me for my narcissism) 

I was making this tutorial and my mom suddenly started yelling that we would go somewhere for lunch. Explain my change of outfit for the photos below, right? ;b

a troll photo as a bonus :b
I was looking at the camera's screen and I forgot to set the timer
so, there it goes, photo's capture when I wasn't ready lol

Readers, what do you think about this tutorial? Do I improve from my last tutorial? I do hope that you find this tutorial useful. Let me know by commenting below ^^ And if you like my tutorials, don't forget to follow this blog ^^

Anyway, if you do follow my instagram account, you must have known that I shaved my eyebrows, and as you may noticed, my eyebrows in this tutorial is still that messy since I made this tutorial before I even shaved my brows and I just get the chance to post this tutorial now /blame school.

Another one, perhaps you've noticed that I never used any contact lenses on my tutorials and perhaps some of you might question about that. Well, I'm embarrassed to admit that I'm unable to apply contact lenses on my eyes, it won't simply get in :( It's quite hard for me to use contact lenses so I prefer not to ^^

Till next time, girls ;)

Love, Nath 


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