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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May Beauty Haul: The Body Shop, Etude House, etc

New items for this month <3 Actually, I didn't buy it altogether but to make it easier, I'll post these together in one post. By the way, I'm learning on how to tidy up my brows and applying fake lashes. I'm addicted to lashes now *v*
Anyway, I wanna thank all of you for visiting my blog that it reached 1000 visits already ^^

Etude House's Fresh Cherry Tint in shade:
OR202: coral
PP501: lavender

The very first things on the list is my current favorite lip product: lip tints! I got it from online shop (click here) with a very affordable price. I checked the price on Etude House Korea's website and they sell these lip tints for KRW 6000 (about USD 6) and I got these from the shop only for USD 6.8. These lip tints are the limited color edition from Etude House's Fresh Cherry Tint line for Etude House's 5th anniversary. I feel in love with the colors at first sight (the packaging is really cute too :3), so wait up for my upcoming tutorials using these lip tints and expect my review about this soon ^^

Sho-Bi Playgirl fake lashes in Play Chic #2

The one I'm addicted to recently: fake lashes. I really love winged lashes (the outer end has longer lashes), I don't even know why I just love it. Perhaps, it gives more dramatic look? I don't know, just love it :b I got these fake lashes set of 5 pairs at Kay Collection Sogo Department Store for around USD 17.6. I have makeup tutorial in progress using this lashes so wait up ^^

Holika Holika's Tail Eyelashes #06

Another fake lashes for my haul *v* Told you, I'm addicted to lashes. Same like the Sho-Bi lashes, this has longer lashes on the outer end but not so thick so it will give me more natural looks. Anyway, I got this for about USD 4.4. A little bit pricey for single pair of eyelashes but I think that's the normal price here.

KAI's Eyebrow Pretty: Eyebrow Razor

If you do follow my instagram account, you must have known that I've shaved my eyebrows to tidy it up as I've already said in my previous makeup tutorial too (click here). Well, I shaved it using one of these razors. These razors are from KAI, which come in a set of 3, and I bought it from Kay Collection Sogo Department Store for around USD 4.9. This really worth the affordable price since it's easy to use and comfortable to be held.

The Body Shop's All in One Face Base: Base Double Function

So happy that my favorite compact powder is back in stock. If you have read my post about my daily routine (click here), you must have known that I usually use the compact powder without foundation since this one I usually used before was out of stock but now it's back in stock. I usually use shade #04 but I decided to buy one shade darker, shade #05, since I've been under the sun too much that I think my face got darker TT I need holiday to recover my skin color :( Anyway, I got these each for USD 28.

The Body Shop's Extra Virgin Minerals Loose Powder Foundation in shade 202: natural vanilla

I actually haven't tried this product before but since my skin pretty much 'comfortable' with The Body Shop's products, I decided to buy this. I plan to use this as my finishing powder. Besides, it also contains foundation so I think I won't need too much concealer for coverage. I got this for USD 30, a little bit pricey for me, though.

Etude House's Easy Brow Pencil in shade:
#1: dark brown
#2: brown

Bought these two pencils with 50% discount *v* (actually it was a + USD 1 for two items but my mom has a member so I got additional discount of 20%). I actually bought a Revlon Eyebrow Pencil but it was a little bit too dark (if I applied it too thick, my eyebrows would look like Sinchan's). But I'm gonna use Revlon's Eyebrow Pencil first ^^ Anyway, bought this at around USD 7.3 for two (original price is USD 7.8). Who doesn't love discounts? ;b A little bit regretful since I forgot to buy and eye primer TT

The Body Shop's Lip & Cheek Stain
shade #01: rose pink

I've tried my mom's lip product from The Body Shop and it didn't make my lips get chapped. I decided to buy this because of that. I tried the tester at the store and it's really good to be used as blush on with soft pink color -I know I said that I don't really like pink blush but trust me, this is different-. I got this for USD 17.

The Body Shop's Lip Color Crush in shade 203: Rush of Pink

Another lip product from The Body Shop. Finally I can get a lipsticks that won't get my lips dry or even chapped. I've tried this at the store and it was really good even if it didn't quite last. Since I bought this lipstick with pink shade, expect a romantic look tutorial soon, I'm planning to do one ^^

Readers, what do you think of my haul? Do you have any plan to buy the products from the list after you read my post? Let me know by commenting below ^^ Hope this post helps you in some way, have a nice day ;)

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Love, Nath 

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