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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June Birthday Haul: Too Faced, Urban Decay, Beautyblender, etc.

Hi everyone! It's my first post in July.
If you do read my previous haul post here, you must've known that my birthday is on June and moreover, it was my 17th birthday. So practically, this haul post is about the items I got as my birthday present but some, I do buy it myself.
Without further ado, let's get into the details ^^

Tony Moly's Perfect Eyes Water-Proof Liner in shade #5: sparkle green

I bought this practically because it was on 50% discount LOL but then, I thought it would be fun to get away from the mainstream black and brown eyeliner and try something new and uncommon :b Andddd, I've got one makeup tutorial ready using this eyeliner on my draft so wait up for it ^^ Anyway, the original price of this is IDR 144.500 (about USD 14).

The Original Beautyblender Candy Cane
The Original Beautyblender Blendercleanser

I know I've said it before that beautyblender is way too expensive for a high school student's pocket like mine but my dad has to be his kind self and he bought me this when he went to Singapore. Well, technically, I was the one who asked him too but he is too kind to agree with me and bought me this XD And also, I asked my little brother, who went to Singapore with my dad too, to go to Sephora and look for this :b So thanks to my little brother also ^^
My dad got the Beautyblender Candy Cane for SGD 70 and the Blendercleanser for SGD 30.

Urban Decay's Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette

Another high-end product for this month's haul. See the name card below? This is actually a birthday present of mine from the famous beauty blogger Jean Milka (click here to see her blog). Honestly, she is my boyfriend's sister :b So, I want to thank her a lot for thoughtfully giving me this as my birthday present^^

Too Faced's Chocolate Bar Palette

This palette had been staying for who-knows-how-long in my wishlist after I saw Jen's (frmheadtotoe) review. My boyfriend just had to be his sweet self and got me this for my birthday! <3 Thanks a lot to him that I could get the item I wished for months. I will be reviewing this soon after I'm dare enough to use this. This palette is too sweet to be used and it smells like real chocolate :9

CNAIER Facial Cleanser

Originally, I want to buy Clarisonic lavender but well, it's wayyy too expensive >< It costs almost USD 200 here TT But I'm still saving up to buy it, though.So I thought about another option and my mom bought me this. Will try it soon and perhaps, I will write a review about it ^^

BH Cosmetics 12pcs Brush Set in berry

Another present for my birthday given by my bestfriends, they're the sweetest <3 They know how much I love purple and makeup and they got me this set, thanks a lot! I love how soft these brushes are and I don't think I will be using these brushes any time soon :b

Readers, do you have any of the item above? If you do, let me know what do you think on the comments below ^^

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Love, Nath 


  1. I also planning to get Clarisonic Mia 2 hehehe... Really want to try the chocolate bar palette... Hope you a blessed year, and keep blogging ^-^

    1. I want the lavender one but it's soooo expensive TT I will review it later on ci hehe thanks a lot ^^

  2. Whoaaa..!! What a great haul!
    I like the beauty blender candy cane. I hope someday I could buy it :p
    By the way I also make my birthday haul (well, it's an early birthday haul actually :p)
    Mind to check my haul?

    ✿ Kawaii Fuku ✿

    1. thank you! ^^ I didn't believe it myself when my dad said he would buy me the beauty blender lol

      surely! ^^

  3. Ngiriiii Ngiriii Ngiiiirriiii T__T Naked 3 very tempting


    1. hai cici ^^ sorry for the late reply ya :b hihi jgn ngiri dong ciii :3 naked 3 nya aku sayang pake sampe skrg aku aja blm pake hehe

  4. Ohh~ Such a wonderful haul! ^ - ^
    How was your birthday? ^ w ^
    You have a very cute blog, followed! ^ u ^


    1. thanks! ^^ it was great :D
      and thanks again! ^^

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