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Sunday, August 3, 2014

[Sponsored] Review: Orange Instyler The Rotating Iron

Have you heard about Instyler before? Lately this product has gained a lot of popularity because it's really easy to use. Well, this tool helps me a lot, especially when I want to do my hair quickly for some tutorials, or for my friends' sweet 17th parties, or when I just feel like it.
Anyway, I'm so sorry for posting this sooo late TT I had to help my parents since most of their staffs were taking a leave (Eid Mubarak, you see).

Pink Instyler

Orange Instyler

First of all, fyi, there are two different types of Instyler which are the orange one (the one I'm going to review) and the pink one. Some of you might ask, what's the difference?

Orange Instyler:
1. Iron (metal) roll
2. Brush comb
3. Low, medium, and high temperature control (light indicator)
4. Rotation is always on
5. Can be used for both damp and dry hair

 Pink Instyler:
1. Ceramic roll
2. Styling comb
3. Digital temperature control up to 230 degree Celcius
4. Rotation is optional, can be activated or deactivated
5. Only for dry hair, safe for your hair

Product Description

Name: Instyler (Orange)
Origin: Germany (China imported)
Price: IDR 365.000


As you can see on the above photos, everything written on the box of this Orange Instyler are in Latin. Forgive me, I don't understand what's written there TT But worry free though, the user manual and styling tips pamphlet inside are written in English.

What's Inside?

The Instyler is placed in a secured card box. Inside the box, there are:

  1. Pouch for the Instyler
  2. User manual written in English
  3. Styling guide pamphlet written in English
  4. Hair comb
  5. The Instyler itself wrapped in plastic

How to Use?

To use this Instyler, simply plug in to the electrical outlet (socket) and press the power button. It will start with three bars, which is the highest temperature available. You can see the temperature control details on the picture above ^^

Captured the styling guide for you guys ^^ Pretty easy to use, right? I'm sorry I'm not yet able to make a video tutorial of this ><

What it Claims?


Sorry for the different lighting ><
Can you see the difference? My hair is tidier and looks like it has more volume, right? ^^

My Opinions

I love how this Instyler makes everything easy. It's really easy to use to style my hair and get rid of bad hair day. It also doesn't take too much time. The unfortunate thing is the iron roll is not really good for my already dry hair and there's no digital temperature control.


+ Easy to use
+ Time efficiency
+ No more bad hair day

- Not so healthy for my hair
- No digital temperature control

Ratings: 4,5/5


100% Yes!
When this one's broken already though and it will still be a long time in the future. But even if this broke, I think I will buy the pink one since I think it's "healthier" for my hair with its ceramic roll.

Where to Buy?

Veve Blessing Shop
Instagram: @veveblessingshop
Line: veveblessingshop
Admin: @ndyrifka
BBM: 2884A5B0
Whatsapp: +6281346818000
Call: +6281349494922

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Love, Nath 


  1. Replies
    1. thank you ^^ btw jgn manggil aku ce TT aku lbh muda loh hehe

  2. wah kayaknya bagusss buat bad hair day gt ^^ kalo aku kyknya cocokan yang pink deh, tp setauku instyler itu pricey yah? >.<

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    1. emg bagus nih jess hehe yg pink emg lbh "aman" buat rambut :b kl utk yg orange nga terlalu pricey sih kl yg pink nga gt tau deh hehe

  3. My cousin just bought this and asked me how to use it yesterday.
    And I got no clue haha, luckily stumbled upon your post :D
    Have you tried it for soft curls tho? Any good? :)


    1. glad it helps ^^
      yeap, I tried it and it worked. Only soft curls on the end though ^^

  4. Wah. Baguss XD cantikk .love ur hair :3

  5. Hasilnya natural.. Bagus <3
    Pretty<3 dan suka rambutmu sehat banget ^^


    1. thank you ^^ aslinya nga sesehat itu kok >< malah kering bercabang gt malah rambutku TT

  6. nice post!
    dari dulu mau nyobain instyler ini, cuman rada takut soalny di insta byak yg jual murah banget, sedangkan kalo di US bisa smpe 1 jutaan..
    makanya jadi ragu ._.


    1. yg dr US itu yg pink :) kl yg ini sih setau aku dr China jd nya harganya terjangkau ^^
      thank you! ^^

  7. so do you think it will work on really curly hair

    1. i can't say anything regarding to that since i don't have curly hair, but maybe it will ^^

  8. halo! glad i came across ur blog because i wanted to buy one too! mau nanya dong, kalo menurut pengalaman kamu, lebih bagus yang pink atau orange? aku mau beli tapi bingung antara pink dan orange dan jarang nemu blog yang ngereview yang pink dan orange sekaligus :" terimakasih sebelumnya, reviewnya membantu sekali!:)

    1. hi dear :) aku sndr blm pernah coba yang pink jd aku nga bisa kasih pendapat~ maaf ya nga membantu :"


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