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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

IBB Make Up Challenge October 2014 with Sarange: I-Pop

Hi everyone!
I'm back with an entry for this month's IBB MUC themed "I-Pop: Show Your Korean Signature Makeup Style" featuring Sarange Indonesia ! I will post the tutorial in separate post so do wait for it ^^
This month's MUC is quite interesting, why? The challenge is all about Korean style makeup and that's my favorite. Wish me a lot of luck this time ^^


This month, IBB collaborated with Sarange for this challenge. Sarange is a Korean cosmetic brand that has been launched recently in Indonesia. One of their best seller product is Sarange Triple Crown BB Cream. And the good news is, the winner of this challenge will get this product.


In this challenge, bloggers have to make their own style makeup according to their own personalities but with a K-Pop style touch. There will be 2 winners who will win Sarange products worth 1 million IDR. One winner will be chosen based on votes, another winner will be chosen by Sarange. For more information regarding the challenge, go straight away to IBB's group here ^^

First Look

I took "ulzzang" makeup for the first look. If you know me, I actually look mature most of the time but my personality is rather childish. That's why I took this cute ulzzang makeup as the first look.

Korean style eye makeup is always identical with accented eyes (bigger eyes with neutral eye shadows), straight eyebrows, and aegyo-sal (puffy eyes).

Korean ulzzangs always have flawless and glowing face, also tiny lips as the effect of gradient (ombré) pink lips.

Second Look

If the first look is about "cutesy" makeup, the second look is more mature since I usually look mature enough to those who are younger than me.

Korean loves to use neutral eye shadows with shimmers. In this look, I use gold shimmery eye shadow for the glamor and elegant look. Added with winged natural faux lashes. Also, the 'trademark' straight eyebrows.

Autumn has come and bold lip colors have been a trend recently. That's why I use bold magenta lip color with  subtle peach blush.

Help me to choose which photo from each look to be submitted, please? ^^

Readers, what do you think about the two looks? Which one do you like more? Let me know by leaving a comment below ^^
P.S.: what do you think about my new hair style? ^^

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  1. cantiknya dde ku..!! =* cici coming soon nih postingannya hahhaa =D

    1. thankyou cc cantik :3 d tunggu ya post cc :3


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