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Saturday, November 15, 2014

BBlog's Ulzzang Looks Competition + Tutorial

Hi everyone!
I'm joining BBlog's Ulzzang Looks Competition before the hectic week of final exams starts >< Wish me luck and tell me what do you think about the look ^^ Check it out below (tutorial included) ^^
P.S.: this is actually the first time I've ever joined BBlog's competition so if you don't mind, help me by clicking the "berpartisipasi dalam "Ulzzang Looks" Competition" below the BBlog banner on the end of the post, thank you! ^^

Who doesn't know UlzzangUlzzang has became popular lately, especially the makeup trend. Ulzzang is widely known as someone who has this beautiful or handsome face with child-like innocent face. But do you know? Ulzzang is actually and abbreviation of Korean word "얼굴 짱" (ulguri/eolguri jjang) which means "best face".
Currently BBlog's is holding a makeup competition and since the theme is Ulzzang, of course, the makeup will be focused on dolly eyes and gradient lips. Ulzzang theme can't be separated with Korean style makeup. That's why here, I combined soft smokey eyes with puffy eyes (aegyo-sal) and gradient lips. Also, not to forget the glowing complexion.

How to achieve this look? Well, here's the simple steps ^^

Tips and Tricks! ^^

  1.  Ulzzangs always have this kind of dolly eyes look so get your circle lenses ready (preferably the black or brown ones).
  2. Focus on the eye makeup and keep the other things natural.
  3. The key points of ulzzang makeup are dolly eyes, dewy-glowing and bright complexion, and gradient tiny lips.
  4. If you have small eyes like me, look for faux lashes that could open up your eyes.

The Products

berpartisipasi dalam "Ulzzang Looks" Competition

Readers, what do you think about the ulzzang look I created? Let me know what do you think by leaving comments below ^^
Don't forget to help me win this competition by clicking the link above (below the BBlog banner) ^^ Thank you! :D

Disclaimer: this look is different from the one I submitted for IBB MUC even though it looks similar ^^

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Love, Nath 



  1. Such a pretty, flawless and feminine look! I love the highlight shade under your lash line! I need to try that!

    1. thank you! ^^ do notify me if you've tried that and don't forget to help me click the link thank you :D

  2. itu pake lens apa cc ? bagusss, hasilnya natural bgt di mata cc hehehe


    1. pake new look charm yg brown :) thank you ^^ jgn lupa bantu aku klik link nya ya ^^ thank you :D

  3. lovely look. thanks for the tutorial. I'm going to try this!

    Chie | The Brown Eyed Fox

    1. thank you and no problem! tag #violetbrush and #natashajs once you recreate the look ^^ also, don't forget to help me click the link thank you :D

  4. Hai hai aku new reader~
    Anyway Wajahnya flawlesssss~ syuka dandannyaa~ hhihi
    Mau saling follow di GFC sama google+? hhihi

    1. hi! ^^ thank you and thank you for visiting ^^ kl udh follow comment aja nanti aku follow back kok ;) ohya jgn lupa bantu aku klik link nya ya ^^ thank you!

  5. Haii, aku reader baru
    thanks tutorialnya simple dan mudah di praktekan untuk pemula seperti aku hihi


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