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Thursday, August 27, 2015

My Skin Care Routines [Aug '15]

Many of you have been curious about what products I use to take care of my skin. Since I decided to not use my dermatologist's skin care range anymore, I had been changing my skin care to find the most suitable one for my skin condition, the reason why I haven't posted my skin care routines until now. After the about-one-year journey, I've finally found the products that suit my skin well.

For me, a good makeup comes from a good skin and a good skin comes from suitable skin care + thorough cleansing. Therefore, I paid a lot of attention on my cleansing products. If others do double cleansing, I do triple cleansing, or should I say quadruple?

Tony Moly Clear Water Lip & Eye Remover
The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Cream
Bioderma Sensibio H20
The Face Shop Calming Seed Mild Bubble Foam Cleanser
I usually start by removing my eye makeup and lipstick with the cleansing water since I don't really like the greasy feeling from cleansing oils (I learnt how to remove my eye makeup through Pony's video here). Next, I apply cleansing cream all over my face and wipe it off with tissue. Why not cotton pad, you might ask. Cotton pad is actually good for removing eye makeup but not for your entire face since cotton pad has soft and tiny fibers that could clog your pores, unless you wet it first. But I find that it's quite bothersome to actually wet the cotton pad first and it doesn't work efficiently so I choose to use tissue instead.
Claimed as the best cleansing water, I got my hands on Bioderma. At first, I tried Bioderma's Sebium but since it's formulated for oily skin, it didn't suit well on my skin. I use this Bioderma after using the cleansing cream and I couldn't help but get awed that I found that there were still some of my foundation remaining.
As for my cleansing foam, I went back and forth over the past year. I used this and that but those still made my skin felt tight after use, or even dry. Finally after the long search, I came across this Calming Seed Mild Bubble Foam Cleanser from The Face Shop that suits really well with my dehydrated skin.

Clarisonic Mia 2 with Sensitive Brush Head

It looks like almost every beauty bloggers around the world raved about this magical device. Yes, I said magical. Since I used Clarisonic, I feel that my skin is cleansed thoroughly. Bioderma does its job well in removing the remaining foundation but Clarisonic does the job even better. I don't use this everyday since I can't afford to change the brush head every 3 months, I only use this device when I did my makeup.

Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner
Laneige Sensitive Balancing Emulsion
Innisfree Eco Safety Perfect Sunblock SPF 50+

Even though I have sensitive skin and my skin tends to be flaky around the nose when I use skin care products for oily skin, my skin doesn't complain with this Wonder Pore Freshner from Etude House. Surely, it helps me in controlling the excess oil.
So far, I haven't found any other moisturizer that fit my skin as well as Laneige's Sensitive Balancing Emulsion. It's water-based and doesn't feel heavy on the skin. The down point of this Sensitive series from Laneige is that the products from this series haven't entered Indonesian market officially so I had to pre-order from online shops. I plan to change to Laneige's Light Balancing Emulsion hoping that it would fit my skin as well as the Sensitive one.
SPF 50 might be too much for some. But for a student like me who lives in a tropical country and goes out every single day for class, I often forget to reapply anything to my face. Thus, my solution is to get sunblock with higher SPF. I do have a plan to change this to the one with SPF 35 since I think it would be enough for daily but I'm gonna emptied out this first.

Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner
Laneige Sensitive Balancing Emulsion
The Body Shop Moisture White Shiso 2in1 Brightening Eye Cream
Vaseline Lip Therapy + SPF 15 in Strawberry 

I don't actually use any special night creams at the moment since I haven't found one. I usually use eye cream because I sleep late most of the time and this eye cream from The Body Shop has refreshing and cooling effect upon its use.
I have written in another blog post before that I hated the greasy feeling from a lip balm but surprisingly, Vaseline's lip balm feels less greasy. I usually use this before I sleep to keep the moisture on my lips as I sleep in a full air-conditioned room. Sometimes I do apply lip balm on the mornings too but most of the time, call me forgetful but it slips off my mind.

Laneige Water Sleeping Pack EX
Tony Moly Dr. Tony AC Control Red Spot
Etude House Magic Bubble Peeling
The Face Shop Mango Seed Lip Scrub
V10 Plus Water Based Peeling Facial Mask

Laneige's Water Sleeping Pack EX always comes to rescue when my skin becomes very dry. Normally, I would use this once a week but very often, I forgot or just too lazy to apply it. Check out my full review on this baby here. Either you have dry skin or not, I strongly recommend you to try this as this product is just that good.
Pimples and acne could be said as two of the skin's most annoying enemy. I previously used the lotion type but it's quite complicated to use especially at night before sleep, I had to dip a q-tip and apply it to the red spots. When I went to Tony Moly to repurchase the lotion was unavailable so I bought this tube cream type instead and I love it very much. Much more convenient to use and it dries my pimples and acne pretty quickly.
You might have known that I love the soft and smooth aftereffect from peeling. V10 Plus has always been my fave and recently, I have been trying out Etude House's Magic Bubble Peeling, though I still love the Tony Moly's one though (review of V10 Plus here, Tony Moly here). I usually do peeling once in two weeks but that's if I do remember, I'm a forgetful one, I know.
I always hate how my lips cracked when I use lip products. Therefore, lip scrub is kinda essential for me. I usually scrub my lips when I remember, usually after I remove my lip makeup.
However, speaking of facial masks, I don't have a certain fave. I use facial mask once a week and just pick whatever catch my eye.

Nu Skin NaPCA Moisture Mist

Some of you might be unfamiliar with this brand, Nu Skin. This is not a widely-known brand but I'm glad I came across it. My aunt give me this as a present and seriously, I'm in love. It refreshes my skin instantly and return the moisture of my skin, especially when I went out and wear makeup all day long.

Readers, what are your essential skin care products? Tell me if you do use same products with me by leaving comments below! ^^

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  1. Love all the products that you mentioned here as a lot is my staples. Great post and love the details. Beautiful pictures too :) <3

    Stephanie | www.dearstephiiie.com
    Instagram | @stephykeung

    1. thank you! well, it seems like we have similar skin conditions ^^

  2. I really love the Laneige sensitive emulsion as well! It is a staple for my winter skincare routine :) Also, the Bioderma cleansing water is amazing >.<

    Pastel Boulevard

    1. yess! but seriously, Laneige sensitive emulsion is very hard to fin here, in Indonesia >< and Bioderma do deserve their title ^^

  3. Nath, that's lots of stuffs!!!
    Now I wonder how much time you usually spend to apply your skincare (from cleansing-toning-moisturising) XD

    Beauty Appetite

    1. aku kan nga makeup tiap hari cii :b tp kl makeup bisa 15-20 menit cleansing doang :b

  4. You're so nice for sharing these info! Very few people would be so selfless.

  5. Sesama pengguna laneige sleeping pack #toss my holy grail ini~


  6. well natasha, all the stuff you have shared over here is very eye catchy, although i do not use a kind of stuff but i wish i could use this on my skin lol
    and i m pretty sure all these products will show impressive skin care results


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