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Friday, September 11, 2015

Review: The Face Shop's Oil Control Water Cushion

On my previous post, I talked about the launching of The Face Shop's newest cushion (click here). I strongly believe that this cushion would be very much suitable for those who have oily skin, erasing your prejudice about Korean makeup bases. Believe it or not, this is my very first cushion that I've tried and I instantly fell in love.

In case you haven't known about cushion, cushion is a new innovative type of makeup product that contains whole liquid foundation in a hard foundation case by using MicrofoamIt's very practical and easy to use. You can literally apply this anytime anywhere and bring it with you without any worry of spilling the product.

Name: Oil Control Water Cushion
Shade: V203 Natural Beige
Brand: The Face Shop
Origin: South Korea
Content: 15 gr
Usage span: 12 months
Price: IDR 329.000


Cushion foundation recharges skin with moisture while controlling sebum for long lasting freshness.
Moist-cover effect promotes a healthy look while covering up imperfections and pigmentation.
Sebum control formula helps keep makeup shine-free.
Sweat proof effect keeps makeup in perfect condition for hours.
New Microfoam™ keeps makeup feel as fresh as when it is first applied. Microfoam™ cushion with cells that are 4 times denser than conventional cushion compacts helps protect the formula and active ingredients fresh. It also helps makeup go on evenly for more meticulous application and coverage.

Creates perfect skin but still maintains a fine makeup film minimizing burden to skin multi particle and darkening.
Leaves no sticky sensation with oil control technology that contains moringa tree extract.

To use: use at a step of foundation. Put suitable amount to puff and apply on to the skin. Tap all over the face.

* How to place refill: Push middle part of the case with two fingers. Take apart that comes up from the case, and replace the refill

I personally thought that The Face Shop's Oil Control Water Cushion has practically the same-similar compact packaging with separator. The cushion compact packaging itself is already special. It's efficient and moreover, very much travel-friendly!
The puff itself takes enough product but doesn't absorb the product much, thus not wasting the foundation.

The formula itself is really like what it claimed, lightweight and not sticky on the skin. The Face Shop's Oil Control Water Cushion gives sufficient moisture to the skin but controls sebum nonetheless. With SPF 50+ PA+++, this cushion is really perfect for use everyday, especially for college students and career women who usually don't have much time in the morning. In addition to that, it has the formula of CC cream but the coverage of foundation.
Furthermore, The Face Shop's Oil Control Water Cushion has soft scent, not disturbing strong scent, which I like very much.

Although The Face Shop's Oil Control Water Cushion is very lightweight on the skin, it doesn't mean that it has low coverage. In fact, it has medium-high coverage and I don't even need to use extra concealer. It covers even my dark circles pretty well. However, it stays only for about 4-5 hours while set with powder. 
On top of that, what I love the most from this cushion is its non-sticky formula as what it claimed. It does feel fresh on the skin. I did find some other BB creams or foundations which is also lightweight on the skin but still somewhat sticky. As a matter of fact, I haven't bought any cushion before because every time I tested the product on the counter, it would always feel sticky somehow but The Face Shop's Oil Control Water Cushion amazingly doesn't feel sticky at all.

Lightweight and doesn't feel sticky on the skin
Medium-high coverage
Highly travel-friendly
Efficient and practical to use

It's really hard to clean the puff
So-so staying power

Ratings: 4,5/5

So far, this is my fave.

You can find this product at The Face Shop stores (check out the locations here).

The Face Shop Indonesia

Kawaii Beauty Japan

FOTD using Oil Control Water Cushion at the launching event

Readers, have you tried any cushion product? Let me know by leaving comments below ^^

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  1. aku belum sempet coba cuci puff-nya.. kayanya harus pake pembersih khusus ya.
    sayangnya shade-nya cuma dua, yang natural beige agak terlalu gelap di kulit aku..

    1. susah bgt cii bersiinnya >< hrs pake gilingan yg buat kue itu aku prnh liat di youtube (?) hahah di aku nga terlalu gelap bgt sih :b

  2. Wow the cushion seems so good~ The packaging is pretty, too! I usually love to get the cushions from Innisfree c: But I should try this cushion out~ Thanks for reviewing it!
    Btw you are really pretty!!

    1. I've heard that Innisfree has good cushions too but haven't got my hands on it, perhaps later when I'm in Korea already haha thank you, though! <3

  3. Bakalan beli ini kalau ada kesempatan, aku oily banget, dan biasanya cushion itu embel2nya glowing sih jadi serem kalau ntar ketambahan minyak muka aku hahaha


    1. kl ini nga kok, walaupun agak sedikit healthy glow gt tp nga tambah berminyak ^^

  4. Hi, ini kalo d pake untuk high school make up hasil bakal natural ga? Aku males soalnya kalo pake bb cream yg colek2, terus juga kulitku kan oily

    1. kl untuk high school mending jangan pake apa" deh, aku pas sma aja cuma pake moisturizer + sunblock ke sekolah hehe kalo untuk ngampus cukup natural sih kalo emang shadenya pas sama tone kulit ^^


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