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Friday, February 5, 2016

Make Up For Ever's Artist Plexi-Gloss, The Pigmented Lip Gloss

We all have this prejudice that lip glosses always have sheer colors and poor staying power. It might be true for some products yet you need to try this Artist Plexi-Gloss from Make Up For Ever (MUFE). For a lip gloss, it has really pigmented color, however how about its staying power?

Name: Artist Plexi-Gloss
Shade: 101 Nude Beige
203P Pearly Golden Pink
Brand: Make Up For Ever
Origin: France
Content: 0.23 fl. oz. / 7 ml
Price: IDR 350.000


This must-have lip gloss imparts vivid color and stunning shine while being completely comfortable on the lips. Its pigments are packed with Plexi Color Technology to deliver up to five hours of color impact while 360-degree, reflective shine beads maximize shine. The exclusive, artist-designed superflex applicator features a lip-hugging shape that allows for precision and control, and the super-loaded split-tip has a unique contour to sweep on the ideal amount of lip gloss. Available in 35 shades, Artist Plexi-Gloss’s wide array ranges from pearly and non-pearly finishes to sheer and opaque colors.

To use: begin at center of the top lip and move to the outer corners to evenly distribute color, repeat with bottom lip.

Simplicity at its best, I think that's what describes the packaging of Make Up For Ever's Artist Plexi-Gloss best. The simple clear tube and black cap is definitely really simple and I love that. However, there's barely any information about the product printed on the packaging, even on the box.
The superflex applicator of Make Up For Ever's Artist Plexi-Gloss certainly lives up to what it claims. It makes it easy to apply the gloss unto the lips and to make ombre lips. Yet, I found it hard to apply the gloss on the narrower area of the lips which makes me think that the superflex applicator is not really suitable for those who have small lips.

I titled this post as The Pigmented Lip Gloss not for nothing. Make Up For Ever's Artist Plexi-Gloss has really pigmented shades for a lip gloss. They actually have two types of the shades, the sheer ones (its shade's code ending with P) and the opaque ones, both are pigmented.

Although both are nude shades, the lip gloss cover the original color of my lips pretty well. It's as pigmented as how beauty bloggers rave about it. However, the shade 101 actually sinks unto my lip lines, probably because its shade is pretty much lighter than the original color of my lips.
It can't be denied that as lip gloss, Make Up For Ever's Artist Plexi-Gloss also has sticky texture. Though it's less sticky compared to other lip glosses I've tried, it still sticks to my hair. So I wouldn't suggest you to wear this when you're going to windy places. On the contrary, Make Up For Ever's Artist Plexi-Gloss is pretty much hydrating like lip glosses normally. It doesn't dry out my lips at all after application.
One important factor to consider when buying lip products is of course, its staying power. Make Up For Ever's Artist Plexi-Gloss, considering the fact that it's a lip gloss, I would say it has a quite good staying power. It stays up to four hours without eating and you will surely need a touch up after eating which is a normal thing.

I'm actually amazed on how easy it is to make an ombre lips using Make Up For Ever's Artist Plexi-Gloss. Its superflex applicator really makes it easy to blend the color for ombre lips.
I personally don't like its scent. It has this rubber-like scent which I'm not a fan of. However, the scent will go unnoticeable when applied.

Pigmented shades
Less sticky compared to other lip gloss
Hydrating formula
Simple but classy packaging
Easy for ombre lips

Unpleasant scent
Sink unto my lip lines (shade 101)

Ratings: 3,5/5

I don't think so, I'm not much a fan of lip glosses.

You can find this product at Make Up For Ever stores (check out the locations here) or you can find it at Sephora stores.

Readers, how do you like lip glosses? Do you prefer lip gloss, lipstick or lip tint? Let me know by leaving comments below ^^

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