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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Get Your Curly Hair Ready in a Minute with Beauphoria

It's been a while since I purchased this Beauphoria curling iron and I could say I'm impressed. Besides that it makes curling my hair a lot easier, the curls also stays on my hair for quite a long time. I got a request on ask.fm to do a review of this curling iron, so here we go!

Name: Automatic Curling Iron
Carousel 03
Brand: Beauphoria
Origin: Indonesia
Price: IDR 895.000

Beauphoria comes with two words BEAUTY and EUPHORIA that targets beauty enthusiasts. Beauphoria only uses the newest technology of Japan. Offers you an affordable, innovative user-friendly beauty products that saves time without compromising its quality.
Beauphoria was founded in 2013, that was created for a quick fix product for your beauty dilemma. Beauphoria is here to make your life a lot easier and say no more to "Beauty is Pain". So now put your lipstick on, curl up your lashes and get ready for the great hair day! 

To use:
1. Heat it up for about 10-15 seconds
2. Adjust the heat from 100-220 degree, for best result use 180 degree
3. Take a small part of your hair then clip it
4. Press L(eft) or R(ight) button and let it rotate automatically
5. When it reaches the root, slow down while pressing the button
6. Do the same technique all over your hair

Beauphoria's Carousel 03 comes with black-gold design, which looks classy and elegant at the same time. Featuring ceramic as its iron, Beauphoria's Carousel 03 will bring less damage and add some shine to your hair. It's also easy to manage the temperature level with its digital temperature control. In addition, its swivel cord won't get you worried about tangled cord.

Watch the video above to see how I usually curl my hair with Beauphoria!

Do you like me with straight hair or curly hair more?

Beauphoria's Carousel 03 definitely amused me. Previously, my curly hair never stayed on my hair for more than 24 hours but using Beauphoria, it stays up to 48 hours and even more. Although it wasn't as perfect as when it was freshly curled, the curls were there. Through this I learnt that your curling iron material effects the lasting power of your curls.

Ceramic iron equals to less damage
Automatic curling feature
Long-lasting curls
Swivel cord
Digital temperature control
Heat up pretty fast

Quite pricey

Ratings: 4,5/5

If in case the one I own now is broken (but I hope not).

You can buy this at Beauphoria offline stores (check out the location here) or through Sociolla with my discount code: NJUNIAR50 for IDR 50.000 off ^^

Readers, what is your favorite hair styling tools? Let me know by leaving comments below ^^

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  1. Udah lama banget naksir ini deh! Pingin pingin pingin~ tapi jarang diskon T^T bok ya diskon gt 50 persen #slapped XDDD~ keduluan beli curling wand akhirnya hahahaha... kapan2 deh cobain sambil nunggu ada diskonan #teuteup


    1. hahaha kayaknya kl 50% susah dehh pas aku beli 20% aja jrg bgt hehe

    2. Iya ya T^T ya sudah aku nunggu diskon 20 persen baru beli deh T^T

    3. kayaknya kmrn itu ada event recycle deh di beauphoria bisa diskon 20-30% haha di sociolla juga pake kartu kredit apa gt lg diskon setau aku hehe


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