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Friday, April 15, 2016

One-Stop Korean Beauty Products

Have you ever contemplated on where to buy those tempting Korean beauty products? You want to buy from an online shop but you don't trust them too much or you want to buy it from a beauty e-commerce but the price is too high? Then, let me introduce you to Althea, a beauty e-commerce specializing in Korean beauty products with reasonable price, directly shipped from Korea!

The first thing that came into my mind when I opened the site was I loved how simple it was and how comfortable it was on the eye. You can also choose to browse by functions, brands, new-release, best seller, and even the most seen products.

Personally, I think online shopping is the easiest and most convenient way of shopping. However, sometimes the complicated system in an e-commerce makes us back away before shopping. But not with Althea. Adding items to chart to checking out is very easy and convenient. Yet, one inconvenient point that I found from the site is when I search the products by brand. I have to go back to the previous page to search for another brand when I'm already looking into one brand.

Althea is coming soon to Indonesia on April 18th so get ready to shop, ladies! Psst, they're doing a giveaway for their opening too, check out their Instagram.

Althea Indonesia
Instagram: @altheakorea
Facebook Page: Althea Indonesia

Althea Korea: www.althea.kr
Althea Singapore: sg.althea.kr
Althea Malaysia: my.althea.kr
Althea Philippines: ph.althea.kr

Readers, are you excited for the launch of Althea Indonesia? Perhaps, are you preparing to shop already? Share your thoughts by leaving comments below ^^

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  1. Udah liat sekilas web nya, harganya juga lumayan terjangkau, hurrayyy.

  2. aih aih, lagi booming ini ya di inet, olshop baru XDDD~ habis dah duit #headdesk


    1. iya nihh haha mana harganya terjangkau banget ><

  3. Just place my order! harga nya cukup bersaing sama OS-OS lainnya.

    1. iyaa, harganya bikin nagih buat belanja! haha


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