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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Review: Shu Uemura's Brave Beauty - Satin Radiant Stick in Orange Coral


I never was a blush person. I can go on with my makeup routines without using blush at all which is why my blush collection is far less than my lipsticks/lip tints/lip stains collection.
This is the first time I tried cream type of blush, courtesy of Shu Uemura, so if you're curious on my opinion about this cream blush, read the full review below!


Name: Brave Beauty - Satin Radiant Stick
Vision of Beauty Collection vol. 1
Shade: Orange Coral
Brand: Shu Uemura
Origin: Japan
Content: 10 gr
Usage span: 24  months
Price: USD 39



Highlight and cheek color stick that offers a satin-like radiant color and it is suitable to emphasize face structure.

To use: apply appropriate amount on the cheeks after applying foundation then blend lightly using fingertips or blender sponge.



Shu Uemura's Brave Beauty - Satin Radiant Stick has cylindrical tube packaging with twist-up body. You can simply get the product up by twisting the body part of the cylindrical tube. It's pretty lightweight, probably because the tube is made of plastic, yet sturdy so it can be your best friend while travelling.


The shade name Orange Coral doesn't quite fit this Shu Uemura's Brave Beauty - Satin Radiant Stick in my personal opinion. The color is more to orange rather than coral. It's very sheer, which I didn't expect. I kinda expected that cream blush would has more vibrant color rather than powder blush. Just as I said above, I'm not much a blush person so I like to keep my blush as natural as possible and this Shu Uemura's Brave Beauty - Satin Radiant Stick is like the answer. Its sheer color doesn't make my blush stands out but rather gives off that subtle radiance to my cheeks.

On the video above, you can see that the application of Shu Uemura's Brave Beauty - Satin Radiant Stick is pretty easy. It blends easily also finished off natural enough on my cheeks. For a cream product in a stick form, Shu Uemura's Brave Beauty - Satin Radiant Stick can't be considered heavy on the skin. It's pretty lightweight which I need the most in a product.

Lightweight on the skin
Travel-friendly packaging
Sheer pigmentation for natural finish
Easy to blend

Quite pricey
Doesn't have much shade choices

Ratings: 4/5

Yes, if Shu releases other shade (peach pink, maybe?)

You can find Shu Uemura products on its store at Emporium Pluit or counters in SOGO dept. stores, Metro dept. stores, and other department stores, or Sephora stores.
You can also find it online at Sephora online store or any other online shops.

Readers, are you a blush person? Which type of blush do you like more; cream, powder, or cushion? Let me know by leaving comments below ^^

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  1. To be honest, I also never blush on my make up routine. I only use once when I did my make up graduation :D

    Take care,
    Rizuna from A Well-dressed Nerd

    1. blush can actually add a little radiance to cheeks and I love that but I can live without it hahah

  2. ini ada berapa pilihan warna, Nat? eh, kita samaan, loh, kalau cuma untuk daily makeup aku jaranggg pakai blush on.


    1. cuma ada 2 kalo nga salah hehe aku pake sih kl skrg biar nga pucet haha tp pakenya yang macem gini, yg sheer punya~

  3. Great review! beautiful photo!
    Have a good Friday!
    Would you like to follow each other? Follow me on Blog and Google+ and I'll follow you back!

  4. i think it's pricey, ya.
    If i want a sheer coverage just play with tiny amount. Hehehe
    oia, forget mention, because i have oily skin, i prefer powder one :))

    1. well my skin is quite dry especially on the winter so ... hehe
      yeah, it's pricey as i mentioned but i think the quality is worth it. i know we can play with tiny amount but sometimes the finish look is not quite natural while with this blush, it looks like healthy-glowing-blush ^^

  5. harganya mhal ya..tapi warnanya cantik... aku lebih suka yg berbentuk cream.. wrnanya lebih keluar and lebih pigmented 😊. Nice review

    1. ini mirip kok sama cream cuma emg jatohnya warnanya natural hehe


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