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Monday, July 3, 2017

Review: LAQLANC's Real Honey Lip Oil


These are the products that have been staying in my bag these past few weeks, LAQLANC's Real Honey Lip Oil. My lips get dry very easily and it's quite hard for me to find the perfect lip product. Out of all the lip products I have tried, so far, these are the most moisturizing ones. Take a closer look on these babies below.

Name: Real Honey Lip Oil
Shade: Original, Red, Orange
Origin: South Korea
Content: 8.5 gr
Price: KRW 16.000


Daily lip oil that contains jojoba oil and coconut oil for lasting moisturizing effect on the lips.
Contains honey extracts which get rid of dead skin cells for transparent, vibrant-looking lips.
Honey lip oil that highly adheres to the lips with non-sticky texture.

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LAQLANC was launched with a high-end brand concept. The packaging also enhances simplicity and elegance with black and white color concept. Personally, cute packaging intrigues me but I love elegance better. LAQLANC's Real Honey Lip Oil comes in a transparent rectangular bottle and a black cap with an applicator attached in a black box. Having Koreans as the first market target, the applicator is pretty big in size and quite fluffy. Why? Koreans love plump and natural lips instead of defined lips.


The thing with lip oils is they can never have great pigmentation. Lip oils always have this translucent kind of color which makes its color natural enough for daily despite its shine. Honestly speaking, LAQLANC's Real Honey Lip Oil also has poor pigmentation and a little too much shine. It has this translucent color which makes it perfect to be applied as an extra layer above your usual lipstick (or lip tint, liquid lipstick, etc) to add extra moisture on your lips. In addition, LAQLANC's Real Honey Lip Oil comes with real honey as its ingredients which makes it smells like honey.


LAQLANC's Real Honey Lip Oil does provide moisture for my lips all day long, even when the color is gone. Though, the color only stays for 2-3 hours without having a meal and it will be gone immediately after eating. At the end of the day, I can see dead skin cells coming off from my lips (not the chapped-kind-of-lips, though) so it's a good idea too to use LAQLANC's Real Honey Lip Oil, especially the original one, as an overnight lip treatment to get rid of the dead skin cells the next morning. Say goodbye to chapped lips! On a side note, LAQLANC's Real Honey Lip Oil doesn't feel that heavy on the lips but it still feels sticky somehow despite its claims to be not sticky.

Moisturize the lips well
Maintain the moisture on the lips all day
Gets rid of dead skin cells
Smells like honey

Poor lasting power
Low pigmentation
Kinda sticky
Excess shine

Ratings: 3,5/5

I'd love to use this daily and blot off the shine to get my lips moisturized all day long.

Instagram: @laqlanc_official

For Indonesian purchase - FnT Indonesia

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  1. Yang orange warnanya unch bangettt. Jadi pengen nyoba ke bibir hihi. Thankyou reviewnya ciii😍😍

  2. apakah ini sejenis kayak lip balm gitukah kak ? wahhh cantik cantik banget deh warnanyah . natural banget. Iya tapi syg banget terlalu silau kayak yg hbis makan gorengan yah minyaknyah banyak 😊. Tapi sejauh ini aku pengen banget nyobain hihihi

    1. mirip tapi dengan bentuk kayak lip tint hehe


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