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Thursday, November 8, 2018

4D Mask? With Gold Particles? Meet Gold Energy Snail Synergy's 24K Gold Mask!


Let your skin bask in the golden luxury. Yes, this mask contains 24K gold particles which said to help remove dead skin cells and dirt. This mask is from Gold Energy Snail Synergy brand of J&G Cosmetics, a relatively new brand in the Korean cosmetic industry. Besides the 24K gold particles, it's also a 4D mask. What is a 4D mask? Keep reading to find out!


Name: 24K Gold Mask
 Variant: Pore Care & Moisturizing
Brand: Gold Energy Snail Synergy
J&G Cosmetics
Origin: South Korea
Content: 33ml x 10 sheets
Usage span: expiration date printed
Price: KRW 40.000



Snail extracts gives elasticity and nutrition to the tired skin while 24K gold removes dead skin cells and dirt.
5 Free: Talc, Color Pigment, Alcohol, Mineral Oil, Lard

01. 4D Sheet Mask
Powerful lift-up design to intensively tighten up the chin and cheek areas
Strong lifting power by tightly pulling up the tired and saggy areas

02. Nutrition of a single ampoule
Large volume of 33 ml equivalent to a single ampoule

03. Tencel sheet
Thin, dense, and highly elastic natural fabric

04. Ease of use
Free to move around while applying the sheet mask

To use:
1. After washing the face, apply toner
2. Apply the mask sheet by arranging it to fit your face then hook the cheek-side ear loop first then hook the jaw-side ear loop
3. Relax tense and supposedly aged areas like forehead, between and around the eyes, and smile lines.
4. Massage in upwards direction, starting from the middle of the jaw to both ears to lift and tighten the jawline.
5. Remove the mask sheet after 15~20 minutes and tap your entire face slightly to let the essence absorb.
6. Use 2~3 times a week for best result.

During summer, keep in the refrigerator for cooling sensation. 
During winter, use mask sheet after soaking it in warm water.


The packaging of Gold Energy Snail Synergy's 24K Gold Mask is nothing much different with other sheet masks. It's packed individually in a gold-colored 'pouch' and sold in a bundle of 10 sheets packed in a white-colored box.


As mentioned above, it's a 4D mask sheet. Gold Energy Snail Synergy's 24K Gold Mask has double ear loops, two on the cheek sides, and two from the jaw sides. It's said to be made from strong tencel fabric and I can vouch for that. My face is pretty wide compare to Koreans so I thought I wouldn't be able to pull both ear loops from the cheek sides to fit my face, because from my experience, it would just be on the verge of tearing or be teared. But when I pulled the ear loops, it stayed strong even though it felt a little bit tight.


My camera couldn't quite capture the gold particle on the mask but if you zoom in the photo, you can see the bits of the gold particles which I marked with the red circles. These gold particles gives a slight scrubbing effect on the skin.


After first use of Gold Energy Snail Synergy's 24K Gold Mask, my skin felt refreshed and more supple. I love how it contains just enough amount of essence and how the essence has watery texture which makes it absorb pretty fast. However, it's not as moisturizing, perhaps due to the watery essence. During the past two weeks, I've been using this regularly with 2~3 days interval. I haven't seen any significant improvement on my skin but it's a perfect mask to use on hectic days. Due to its refreshing effect, I somehow felt like this mask made my tiredness ebb away and made me relax.

Strong tencel fabric
Contains real gold particles
Refreshing and relaxing
Ear loops to keep the mask sheet in place
Watery essence

Quite pricey
Not moisturizing enough

Ratings: 4/5

I want to try their other variant which is the Face Nutrition!

I don't think they're available overseas yet, you can check your local online shops.


Readers, have you tried 4D mask sheet before? Let me know by leaving comments below! ^^

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  1. Wah, ini masker ada cantolannya ke kuping. Jadi gak takut melorot-lorot deh. #KBBVmember

  2. Awalnya kukira awalnya bakal warna emas maskernya hahahaa btw kamu mulus sekali sih nath �� #kbbvmember

    1. hahaha ini pas lg bgs aja kulitnya, kalo lg pms mah ttp aja hormonal acne jg keluar heheh

  3. langsung kelihatan kinclong loh habis maskeran #kbbvmember

  4. oemjiii ku ingin banget nyobain iniii, anaknya seneng banget sama yang namanya sheet mask <3 #KBBVmember

  5. sangkain maskernya kaya membran gt yang kaya harden jelly, biasanya yang emas gt hehe #KBBVMember Carnellin

    1. kl jelly gt bahannya nga elastis gitu jadinya ntar buat ditarik ke kuping hehe

  6. duh duh duh.. ini tempting tapi harga nya pricey banget buat 1 mask hahaha... #kbbvmember

  7. Jadi pengen nyoba masker yg bisa dicantolin ke kuping gitu. Enak bgt kyknua, bisa sambil ngerjain yg lain. Ga harus spend time sendiri leyeh2 hehee #kbbvmember

  8. Sekarang masker pake gold series banyak keluar di brand2 korea ya

  9. Kulitmu kinclong bgt nat... Bikin galfok wakakka


    1. hahaha pas lg bagus nih kulitnya, skrg mah lg ada bekas hormonal acne heheh

  10. Waah menarik nih. Eh tapi warnanya nggak emas juga ya? Hehe #kbbvmember

  11. Your skin bikin jealous banget sih. Hahaha.. #kbbvmember

    1. ini pas lg baguss, skrg lg nga semulus ini heheh

  12. Ingredientsnya menarik ya beb. Wajar bgt harganya mayan gitu. Hehe #kbbvmember


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