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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Sparkle Your Way This Christmas with B. by Banila's Eyecrush Spangle Pigment!


We all know that Korean makeup looks are identical with shimmers and sparkles. To celebrate Christmas and the holiday season, B. by Banila release two more shades to Eyecrush Spangle Pigment collection, full of sparkles!
P.S. I love this already just because the packaging is purple!


Name: Eyecrush Spangle Pigment
Shade: BE01 Sugar Sand
BR01 Brown Latte (holiday edition)
GD01 Gilded Girl (holiday edition)
Brand: B. by Banila
Origin: South Korea
Content: 2.2 gr
Usage span: expiration date printed
Price: KRW 8.000


Pressed pigment shadow with shimmering sparkling spangled pearl and smooth shine makes your eye makeup looks lively.
Lustering spangled glitter using a special reflective pearl that enhances light reflectivity just like applying vaseline with two layers of spangled pearl.


B. by Banila's Eyecrush Spangle Pigment comes in a light purple-colored box with a white-dominated packaging inside, with the iconic B. printed both on the box and on the shadow cover inside. If you take a closer look, the new shades comes in a slightly different packaging, the box is lighter in purple and the iconic B. is printed with holographic color on the shadow cover instead of the usual black color.
BE01 Sugar Sand is a cool-toned dark beige color with golden glitters.
BR01 Brown Latte is a warm-toned orange-ish brown color with orange-ish gold glitters. Compared to the other two, Brown Latte has a more subtle and smaller glitter particles.
GD01 Gilded Girl is golden beige color with golden glitters.


All of the three shades of B. by Banila's Eyecrush Spangle Pigment has subtle color pigmentation on the eyes, I couldn't even see that much difference in the colors. However, using fingertips to apply the shadow makes the color comes out more. Somehow, my brushes couldn't pick up the color very well, it only take up the glitters which will cause lots of glitter fall-outs. On the other side though, unlike most other glittery eye shadows, B. by Banila's Eyecrush Spangle Pigment blends quite easily.


On the photo, I'm using GD01 Gilded Girl on the inner corner and BR01 Brown Latte on the rest. As I said above, you barely can make the color difference without further look. The glitters are also way more sparkling in real life, my camera didn't quite capture the extravagant glitter. Well, on this basis, I don't think I will use these shadows alone but it would make a nice sparkling addition to my holiday makeup look.

Lovely packaging
Blends pretty easily
Bright sparkling glitter

Not really pigmented on the eyes

Ratings: 4/5

This one would take me years to use up so maybe not in the near future.

I don't think they're available overseas yet, you can check your local online shops or go to make a pre-order on @picked.kr !

Readers, are you more of Korean makeup girl or western makeup girl? Let me know which one you are and the reasons why by leaving comments below! ^^

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