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For request and endorsement, or simply you want to talk to me in private, feel free to contact me through:
Twitter: @nath_njs
Instagram: @natasha.js
LINE: add here
E-mail: hi.natashajs@gmail.com

Perhaps, if you want to ask me anything anonymously or not, feel free to visit my ask.fm account: @nathnjs

Don't forget to follow me ^^ I don't usually follow back people who I don't know in person but if you want me to follow you back just leave a comment on this post below or ask me through my social media account and mention if you're either my blog reader or a beauty blogger, I will directly follow you back ^^

P.S.: I'm a very timid person (introvert one, I know) so please don't regard me as arrogant or something if I reply you awkwardly or something like that. I'll be overly friendly when you get to know me well ^^

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